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We should go back to the front porch rule.

Everyone watches the news at 6pm, if you see something that outrages you enough that you feel the 2nd is the only way to stop the tyranny. You grab your rifle and stand on your porch for 10 mins. If you see a neighbor standing on his porch with his rifle, you walk down to the street and meet him and wait 10 mins, If nobody else does the same go back inside. If more than half your neighbors are outside you march to your city hall...

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You stopped doing that? I do it every single day. Hell, I am there right now, with my AR and a glass of brandy. No one else is.

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Brandy for good aim?

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It’s the only way at this point. And I can see the wave of tickets for “illegal open carrying” but that should backfire

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Some good stuff right there.

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I'll be on my front porch if you need me.

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I'm afraid my fellow jews have pushed too hard and snipers will come out to play by the thousands. I'm hiding under my goybag neighbors floorboards until this all passes and we get all of you gentiles in FEMA camps oy vey

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The Diary of NosebergShekelman Frank

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I write my diary with a magic pen from the future just like poor, poor Ann Frank!!! shaloms

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Never. Prove me wrong. Disprove a single goddamn thing I’ve ever said.

Nothing is happening. Nothing is ever going to happen.

The collapse of civilization is complete. The purchasing power of the US dollar is worth three cents, compared to the dollar of 1913. Taxes? Where do we start. ✡Income tax✡, which exists solely to pay for the existence of the Federal Reserve–taxes going to the pockets of private individuals for the ‘privilege’ of printing worthless currency. An unconstitutional marxist welfare state to steal more income from the working and give it to the lazy, the nonwhites, and the foreigners. Endless war solely for the sake of other nations with no annexations or financial benefits for the US, wasting trillions in taxes and tens of thousands of lives. All laws, everywhere, at every level, are completely ignored by the government. The governing class is universally guilty of multiple felonies, and at least half of whom are guilty of outright treason. Genocidal invasion from the third world. Rape, murder, theft, etc. running rampant throughout once-safe streets as niggers and dune coons reap the fruits of their invasion. Terrorist attacks against people who are imprisoned for fighting back against the terrorists. Faggots and trannies holding parades where they spew their juices riddled with incurable STDs all over the streets. You get fired from your job or arrested if you so much as disagree with this shit. And gun confiscations from actual citizens so they can’t even defend themselves against any of it or reverse it. NOT THAT THEY EVER WILL. And that’s the problem. One hundred fucking years of this. Never stopping, never slowing. And what have the people done? NOTHING.

  • They didn’t rise up in 1913 when the US stopped using gold and silver as money and started using private paper currency.
  • They didn’t rise up in 1917 when the jew puppet Wilson said, “We’re going to war for the Europeans and getting nothing out of it in return.”
  • They didn’t rise up in 1920 when jewish feminists brainwashed men into granting women the vote, setting a deadline on the collapse of our nation at no later than 2020 (every single civilization in human history that enfranchised women fell within 100 years).
  • They didn’t rise up in 1933 when FDR unconstitutionally made “owning gold” illegal.
  • They didn’t rise up in 1934 when the National Firearms Act unconstitutionally banned the ownership of weapons, nor any of the half dozen other gun theft acts in the last century.
  • They didn’t rise up in 1935 when the marxist Social Security Act was passed, nor during any of other FDR’s illegal acts.
  • They didn’t rise up in 1941 when the jew puppet FDR said, “We’re going to war for the Europeans, again, and getting nothing out of it in return, again.”
  • They didn’t rise up in 1946 when Bretton Woods was signed.
  • They didn’t rise up against any of the proxy wars in the Cold War (which gave our nation absolutely nothing–no annexed land, no reparations, and we paid to rebuild our enemies).
  • They didn’t rise up in 1965 when the Immigration & Nationality Act openly committed genocide on Americans. The politicians admitted it. No one did anything.
  • They didn’t rise up in 1968 when the Civil Rights Act unconstitutionally destroyed freedom of association.
  • They didn’t rise up in 1973 when Roe v. Wade legalized murder of the innocent.
  • They didn’t rise up after all the contra deals in the 1980s showed the US was deposing democracies and installing dictators.
  • They didn’t rise up in 1990 when the first Gulf War began the march for Greater Israel.
  • They didn’t rise up in 2001 after 9/11 when jews false flagged the US yet again for Greater Israel.
  • They didn’t rise up in 2003 when the Second Gulf War was declared. Nor when it was proven the war was carried out under false pretenses. Nor when any of the post-Cold War wars STILL failed to get us land or reparations, and we paid TRILLIONS MORE to rebuild our enemies.
  • They didn’t rise up in 2008 when the economy collapsed and the banks were given trillions of dollars to give bonuses to their executives who caused it.
  • They didn’t rise up in 2015 when faggot “marriage” became “legal.”


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Paid by the word, huh DEFEATIST KIKE SHILL

Schlomo Bitch

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NICE TRY SCHLOMO. How fast do you think there would be riots in the streets if foodstamps ended or there wasn't food in the stores

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The last century proves that whites won’t take up arms. There will never be an end to food stamps. There will never not be food in stores. You know nothing.

No new wall has been built. The emergency is meaningless. No one has been deported.

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Dayum . I thought I was whitepilled.

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Great summary. Saved.

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This is the end game of social justice. Establish that anyone who opposes you is some sort of *ist or *phobic, racist, homophobic, islamophobic, etc. This way, anyone who opposes you, you can just write off as being a terrible person.

At the very least, people need to take that away from liberals. They have too much power over people because they can easily label people with bad labels and use it to destroy them. Even if Trump was full 1488, it would be political suicide for him (or anyone in politics) to oppose this shit. That power needs to be taken away from liberals and (((liberalls))).

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If I recall the best strategy is to not let it bother you and laugh it off then actually use it against them.

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I go even further and ridicule them for believing in something so stupid. One of their other major tactics it to ridicule, you see it very often with them posting distorted images of right wing figures or pictures of them in embarrassing moments.

So there's a conspiracy theory where a small portion of the world's population has enslaved and oppressed the majority of the population but everyone is equal, lol

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I laugh in their face. This has resulted in many tears but at least they don't continue their nonsense around me.

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When cable gets shut off and all the fast food joints close.

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Wait.....Not KFC......Right?

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Kenny? KENNY?

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What the hell do our religions have to do with anything?

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I don't think there's a shortage of people wanting to do something. I think there's a shortage of people who know what to do.

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I think there’s a huge shortage of people that don’t want to be murdered by their own government with the media to cover up the truth.

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No one will get off their asses. The constitution has been decimated and no one did a fucking thing

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