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Jews are demented with it comes to Kabalistic numerology. The number six is big for them -- six points in the Star of David, right? There was a Kabbalistic prophecy that the Jews would not return to Jerusalem until six million had been sacrificed. So they invented the Holocaust to justify and bring into reality this rabbinical prophecy. As you can see from the quotes, they were frothing at the mouth in anticipation of the prophecy coming true, and jumped at the chance to claim that it was realized.

They tried to turn the entire mythology of the Holocaust into a burnt offering to their God. That's why the crematoria, which Jews call the "ovens," are so vital to their Holocaust mythology -- they needed wholly-burned sacrifices to fulfill the prophecy. The Greek word for "holocaust" signified a wholly-burned sacrificial offering. Wholly-burned means burned to ashes, as opposed to the usual sacrifical beast, which was roasted, and then eaten by the worshippers, except for a few of the best parts, which were reserved for God. A wholly-burned offering was more of a sacrifice, because the meat was wasted. It was the greatest sacrifice. Hence the name "Holocaust" which the crazy Jews attached to some events that happened to them during WW2, and the importance of the so-called "ovens" in their mythology.

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Kabalistic numerology

^^ This guy knows what's up.

This specific process only began after the jews abandoned their messianic leanings (their awaiting the coming a the "real" messiah to lead them to heaven on Earth) and instead decided that Israel itself was the messiah, or the nation of the jews. Once every jew becomes the messiah, Zionism proper is born, and along with the Greater Israel Project. So not only did they give us Hussites, Taborites, Lutherans, Anabaptists, Calvinists, Freemasons, Capitalists, and Marxists, they also, upon rejecting messianic politics, gave us Zionism and endless war.

If only they could accept Truth and realize that heaven on Earth is impossible, because the forces of chaos will always exist and can never be controlled -- i.e. the Satanistic idea that the material is placed above the spiritual is false -- then they might stop leaving a wake of destruction in their path and use their talents to better prepare themselves and all of humanity for the unknown, instead of dooming us to fall victim to it.

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Your comment is very significant

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So True ! :

Jews are demented with it comes to Kabalistic numerology. The number six is big for them

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The reason why the ran with the 6 million idea even though that many didn't die is because they literally think they can trick God. I'm not sure how they deal with him being omnipotent but still being able to trick him.

Orthodox Jews kill a rooster and swing it over their heads to remove their sins because of a literary loophole where the word for "rooster" also means "man" so they think they can trick God and remove their sins just by killing a chicken.

Jewish scholars in the ninth century explained that since the Hebrew word גבר[6] means both "man" and "rooster", a rooster may substitute as a religious and spiritual vessel in place of a man.


Edit: lol at the downvoats. These are facts, do you shills hate the reality of Judaism?

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That's not the only place they try to bend their own rules. There's an eruv around most of Manhattan, specifically to get around rules regarding the Sabbath.

Essentially, there are certain things they're not allowed to do or carry in public on the Sabbath. The eruv "solves" this by making everything in it's circumference a "symbolic" private space, thereby circumventing those rules.

Basically they're so against following any sort of rules that they find (or create) loopholes in their own rules.

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Trick their god?

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The Holocaust means burnt offering or sacrifice. Jewish prophecies said that a symbolic 6 million would be sacrificed to create Israel.

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That's 28 references!

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Haha. Yeah, I guess that the wording could be taken that way.

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good stuff that needs to be in every history class so the world will eventually unite and never trust jews again.

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Red Cross estimated 600k Jews in Germany pre ww2, 300k left, leaving the 6 gorillian.

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Math is too hard man! Let's just believe them to be nice and avoid conflict. /s

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6 million x 32 teeth/adult is 192,000 teeth that didn't burn.

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I think haulacaust means burnt offering. It worked out perfect having the oven story they didnt have to hide mass graves and they got to stay true to their jew evil story of a burnt offering. Jews are fucking human parasites end of story.

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