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I'll do even more math. The Democrats say the wall won't be very effective. Okay, let's assume they're correct, and it only prevents 20% of illegal entry. That's $33 billion, which versus $25 billion is still cost-effective.

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20% is VERY generous. 60% is more realistic.

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Think: $25B once vs $165B repeated. Sure, the wall would need upkeep, but not nearly as much as it would cost to build initially.

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Once the wall is built the debt spirals out of control. That $165b looks like a debt but it's mostly jobs to round up the illegals and keep tax money growing. Once that decreases so does the total tax coming in and we're already teetering on the point where we default and can't keep up with even servicing.

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Why can’t i just have a billion dollars. We give it away to everyone else. Just give me a billion jist a single billion and I’ll fuck right off the map. I’ll probably overdose and nobody will ever have to deal with me again. Why can’t we just do that

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You don't even need a million for that.

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Did you like any of that music I sent you. That’s all I do now is just listen to music for hours and hours

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Great post!

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Does my math check out?

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They need to build a welfare wall.

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Step one, get rid of illegal immigrants. Step two, no need for a wall. Step three, enjoy a great America again.

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You're comparing these numbers as if a wall would in-and-of-itself end all illegal immigration. Most illegals come in legally and overstay their visas. The wall would only decrease illegal immigration by maybe 5%, if it perfectly stopped everyone with no failures due to climbing, smashing, cutting, or digging.

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OP Is not correct.

Illegals cause $250B/yr in social welfare costs (Free HC, food stamps, housing, tax credits etc...) and another $200B+ in costs from crime. EVERY FUCKING YEAR.

Goddam all progressives to the 9th circle of Hell.

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Trump should ask for $50 billion from Congress.

$25 billion for the wall and $25 billion for them to divide up and squirrel away in their offshore private accounts. WTF? It would be worth it. Let's just admit they're all corrupt and get the fucking job done.

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