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Sweetie, it's not because I'm a man. It's because I'm white, I'm adapted to the cold.

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Think I saw a negro twitter post where they were talking about this.


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I went hiking on Sunday in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. 99 percent of the people out were white and similarly dressed in freezing weather. I saw one Indian dude with his white wife and he was wearing a full on parka and layers while looking very unhappy. Not a single black person there, maybe one or two mestizos who wore heavier clothing. My area is only maybe 20 percent white at best. Nord cold resistance is real.

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I’ve grown up in a hot climate and still handle the cold better than the locals here. I’m in south Texas and when it gets in the sixties you see Mexicans breaking out the gloves, hats and parkas. It’s fucking hilarious. Now with that said, I’ve lived in this my entire life and work hvac on roofs in the summer and fucking cook while they laugh at me in my giant hat with sunscreen and ice chest full of water, but I’m younger have more skills and make more money than them so it’s fine lol.

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I've seen African niggers look like they were freezing to death in 60 degree Fahrenheit temps in Good Korea. I don't know how those retarded gorillas got here, but they look like chimps about to die in not even close to freezing weather. They're all bundled up trying to stay warm.

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Real, but an obvious parody account, someone posted this the other day without purposely editing out the account name.

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Somebody still doesn't get the power of propaganda, or mocking of deliberate satire. It's all either 'fake' or 'real' to you, just like an NPC.

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Maybe post the deliberate satire in v/funny or whatever instead of v/politics.

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muffled chuckling from within Carhartt jacket

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I wear shorts and a T-shirt down to 30. I have no intention of stopping now.

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I always love seeing those fat losers in shorts and t-shirts at 15f. You don't look tough, you just look like a doughy man-child that doesn't know how to dress appropriately.

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Awwww. Poor wittle guy can’t handle the cold, huh? Let me guess: 5’5” 120lbs?

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Eh, depends how long you're going to be out for. I'm not getting bundled up just to run to my mail box.

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Well, it makes sense for fat people to wear less; they don’t exactly need more clothing. I just run 96.5º internally, so cold never bothers me.

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no one cares.

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Said the paid shill account.

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I will fart rape any woman that tells me I have to wear a jacket.

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Schizophrenia by any other name, would it smell as sweet?!?

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A repost deserves a repost:

>be me

>be outside

>shoveling snow out of my driveway

>not wearing a jacket because I'm hot as fuck from working and don't want to sweat through

>poor woman next door lives alone

>decide to be nice and shovel her driveway

>get done with mine

>get the sidewalk done

>work up her driveway

>she peers out the window and waves

>then she is horrified

>my lack of a jacket is too much masculinity to handle

>our neighbor from the other side or her house comes outside

>helps me shovel the driveway out

>he also lacks a jacket

>she looks like she is about to die in the window

>get a devilish grin

>two neighbors across the street come out with snowblowers

>no jackets there either

>get that driveway done in record time

>put some salt down so she doesn't slip

>three snowplow men stop on the street and begin jacking off to the oppression

>I can barely contain it myself

>the neighbors begin screaming in ecstasy

>finally get done with the driveway

>she has come outside with a jacket for some reason, but all she can do is stand there and stare

>she stammers t-t-t-t-thank y-you

>I smile and tell her "It was my privilege"

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"Violence"... I don't think you know what that word means... let me show you.

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