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Every politician who voted for billions for Israel is a criminal to the people who they should be representing.

Republican and Democrats.

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I wonder how many of them are Dual Citizens.

That shit should be illegal.

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Israel is your greatest friend. Israel needs more funding due to perfectly aligned interests.

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God I want AOC to say something about Israel. She wont though because she's a good little girl. Omar gives no fucks though, she's inadvertently making the liberals realize how diversity will only work as long as jews are making profit off it.

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She did and then had to take it back.

These very principled progressives have to learn where "progressivism" ends.

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You can openly talk about murdering babies, burning a school full of children to the ground for a kid wearing a hat, or forcing children to be sterilized against their will, no one bats an eye. Speak the TRUTH about the Jews, everyone loses their shit.

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yup, so she's a good little girl. Fucking it's all so tiresome.

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AOC recently admitted she is jewess.

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I want to hear what the Jews told her.

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jew: Alex, we need to have a chat. I know you don't understand how it works. Let me make this perfectly clear. Us jews run things. You cannot say anything against Israel or us jews. If you do, just remember JFK, Sadam Hussein, President Lincoln... do we understand each other?

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luv it... and it may "woke" a few more people to the JQ.

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Its time to take the Muslims to the rack for their unscrutinizing perspective of Israel. In essence, both sides are right, as both Muslims and Israelis are retrogrades and need to be let at each other's throat.

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Also entertaining watching the right turn into green haired social justice warriors when it comes to Israel, dropping everything and vowing allegiance over and over and condemning Americans for the benefit of Israel, over and over.

What's up with that? At least the Democrats have some actual opposition to Israel now; when it comes to that topic your heroic white men that you guys seem to think are the answer to everything are failing miserably and being controlled like stupid puppets.

How embarrassing!

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I want to know why this ghoul wasn't arrested for marrying her own brother for the purpose of immigration fraud.

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Maybe that's the leverage they used to make her apologize. Uncompromised people are too difficult to control. Arresting her doesn't buy them anything; leverage does.

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I don't how easy it is to compromise a bitch that marries her brother but who knows?

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She named the Jew and one of the biggest Democrat conspiracies is obscuring the fact that Muslims are pretty "bigoted". See: Omar Mateen.

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