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Pretty soon there's gonna be a progressive to alt right pipeline big enough to rival the libertarian to alt right pipeline. Be prepared to push evidence of Jewish media control and manipulation and Jewish bankers ripping us off. Lay the groundwork for exposing the lies about the holocaust.

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Almost everything that the progressives hate is caused by the jews. If they realize this then all we have to do is make them not care about being called an ism. The biggest issue is the jews though and everything else can sort itself out over time, just as long as we arent genocided.

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How do you think National Socialism rose so quickly?

It unified both spectrums against the common enemy. The common people anyway, not the extreme right or extreme left.

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Almost everything that the progressives hate is caused by the jews

THe fuck you're talking about.

Progressives hate a functioning traditional white family. Is a functioning traditional white family caused by jews?

Progressives hate things that aren't insane and degenerate. They hate straight people for being straight and not miserable like them. They hate fit people for not being an ugly obeast like them.

Do you even fucking know what today's progressives are? These are the evil people who want to send crossdressing MEN into women's toilet.

Libertarians are faggot retards because they are clueless on what being progressive mean these days. I don't give a fuck if you hate jews if you aren't a conservative. Libertarians belong in the oven for all I know.

I have way more sympathy for an ultraconservative rabbi who wants to discriminate on fags and make their life miserable or ISIS mujahideens who want to burn fags in cages than any of you loser libertarians who sympathize with fags.

I'm a conservative first and foremost. Your "liberal" values can go fuck off. I'd rather go back to the good old medieval age values than tolerating all these post-modern bullshit.

Globalist banker main problem is that they are pushing for "liberal" values and progressive ideologies. If they are pushing for ultraconservatism I would rather support them than your libertarian ass.

edit: it's pretty obvious that voat is infested with liberal shills who sympathize with left-wing values and degeneracy. It is extremely hypocritical to blame the jews for pushing libtardation while you yourself support those degeneracy.

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NOOOooo dont do this!! We cant let this happen because israel and jews are bestest ally. Without us jews your banking institutions will crumble. You retard goys need us jews!! and where will your doctors come from??

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I love this site already

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Oh shit I didn't think about that. Where will I get my prescription opiates to destroy my life with if not for Jew doctors?

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May I introduce you to the oven?

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NOOOooo dont do this!! We cant let this happen


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...the libertarian to alt right pipeline.

I'm in an official pipeline? Who knew?

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You and me both moon man.

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The pipeline is Progressive to Islam thanks to all of the Arab money going through the left's "charitable" institutions. For example, J Street is a project of AMIDEAST and Soros-laundered money, and Amnesty partnered with the Taliban.

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Look at that Overton window.

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Lol, I'm laughing right now. Everytime I read anything online regarding US foreign policy, Israeli influence is always brought up now.

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Hasn't it always been? It didn't used to be considered antisemitic to mention, because that makes no sense, so maybe you just notice more now because shrieking comes with it.

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How might I be of assistance?

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Here's the thing. The Jews have never had to defend themselves in America. They're pretty lame at it.

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it's also super difficult to pull off

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woot woot

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Is now the time to rebrand the kikes as white? With the right manipulation we can get them re branded as ultra privileged white. This will accelerate the implosion.

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They are indeed the most powerful and xenophobic of all 'whites'.

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And in reality, they pretty much are "White." I'm sure some purists would disagree, but Khazars aren't all that different than Western Europeans and Slavs, and the Ashkenazis got even more European genetics through living in Germany and Polond for so long.

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Well technically you can call everybody with white skin as white.

This is why I prefer the term "native western europeans" because persians, slavs, mediterraneans, etc are different races imo. I hate the term caucasians too because they would include all those backward races currently living near the caucasus.

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Khazarians |= Caucasians

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Yeah,tell that to the nose.

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Notice how the Jew doesn't actually present a counter argument, it just goes for the platitude, the buzz phrase, or the smuggies tactic? This is what the Jew does.

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Hitler had a quote on them and their lies during arguments, look at Chapter 3 of Mein Kampf relevant pic of quote: http://i.4cdn.org/pol/1549863033350.jpg

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That quote is a very good representation of the slimy democrat strategy. When you don't have a good argument===then be slippery and play dumb until the next day regain your original argument and start all over again. LIARS! The question people of the world must answer is: Who is the father of lies? And then we have to answer: Who is the kikes father? The answer is == Satan himself.

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It's lying without lying by asking questions like that. The desired implication is "your accusations are insane/racist" and it plants a seed of doubt:

Hey, this one guy with unthinkable conspiracy theories is attacking this other guy who is obviously right because he's so offended! Really? Really!

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I don't think it's working anymore or has lost some effectiveness.

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Also notice how there's the sly acceptance of the fact that a journalist need to suck up to Israel and AIPAC to make money.

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I'm really looking forward to the DNC debates. The more informed the left gets the less cohesive the party becomes.

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In California we have a long simmering issue with Asians getting sick and tired of getting fucked over by affirmative action. It's awesome hearing the blacks and latinos telling the asians to shut up. Asians are going to be considered white and republican in the next 20 years, bank on it.

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Only people that matter in White countries are Whites.

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And yet they still vote hard democrat. Asians are cucked

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I like Arthur Schwartz' thumbnail "shut it down" pose.

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Complete with the huge jew nose.

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