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Jews are trying to get on the right side of the issue early to prevent a pitchfork mob

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I'm half convinced those are goats and/or anons shapeshifting.

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blue checkmarks

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dirty-african-gypsy-jews.... what could be right?

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Oh look! It's jews playing both sides again.

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It's the Jewish survival strategy, always play both sides so you can jump to the victors side and pretend you were with them all along.

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There* you have it!

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There’s two factions of Jews fighting over control of the agenda: Zionists and secular globalists. AIPAC represents the interests of the Zionists, which is why the secular globalists are attacking it.

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Pretty much.

AIPAC is great and useful because secular globalists ARE the no 1 threat that we need to eliminate at all cost.

AIPAC aren't the ones lobbying for gender reassignment surgeries on our kids, the secular globalist ARE literally trying to exterminate us right now.

We needed the more socially conservative "zionists" to win elections in Israel or we're all fucked. Those ultraconservative rabbi or ISIS mujahideen or mullahs can be my best friend on the issue of limiting faggots and other sexual degenerates than any of the faggot sympathizers in voat.

Honestly if we exterminate everybody who think that gender is a spectrum we can fix 90% of our problem right now. Those kind of bullshit embodies the post-modern degeneracy that leads to the decline of civilizations. This is exactly why God wants us to exterminate them, it doesn't fucking matter which religious text you read from, it is clear that tolerating degenerates is how we get into this mess in the first place. Fags vote left in the extreme majority compared to any other group.

Liberalism, western progressive liberal values, and the likes are what will doom humanity. We needed the good old patriarchy and cultural values back. Feminism and other egalitarian movement must be shut down using force and those "socialist" ideology banned. There will be no equality, no equal opportunity, no universal suffrage, just the good old traditional european patriarchy. Just like the golden times where European imperialism colonize the whole world. Straight up superior culture.

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"White" Jew.

Like that exists.

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Shape: Shifted

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Ok I'm convinced conservatives can win just by raising large families with two parents and waiting for liberals to tear themselves apart. Just have to avoid Bolshevik style genocide politically. Should be easy enough.

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This is wrong. The liberals are planning to reconfigure the population through immigration. Raising big families can't counteract all the people that want to suck off the fat of our land.

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It is pretty disgusting how much they can tax one group to prop up another. Still their coalition is ultimately built from weak people with nothing uniting them except stealing whitey's money. How can it possibly outlast generations of strong, functional families?

I suppose the Muslims they import actually are conservatives who might ultimately win a generational breeding battle. Europe has its hands full having such a unified immigration culture. Bye bye non-Muslims there. I don't think they even have high fertility Christians like the Amish in Europe. May as well make a white sect of Islam at this point in some places.

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The liberals are planning to reconfigure the population through immigration

A strategy doomed to failure. the forced diversity has awakened white America. when you see a refugee that can't operate a lawnmower get new cars, a house, and other gibbs, it makes you think. It also makes people realize that they are not skilled labor at all, but peasants incapable of anything productive.

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Don't pretend like you guys are holding down the fort. The conservatives lost a long time ago when they opened the gates and invited Israel in to sit on the throne. At least the liberals are still fighting that fight.

Sad to hear, but true. And if conservatives don't mount some sort of resistance to Israel in US politics the liberals will expose them and they will just be seen for what they are - Israeli employees working as American politicians and Americans won't want anything to do with them.

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At least the liberals are still fighting that fight.

Fighting to reassign gender of our children?


We need to fight the war against social liberals and progressives in the states, not Israel. Kill all of the american jews and goyim who are progressives.

Everything is meaningless if liberal progressive western values is not exterminated. If jews went extinct and we still aren't slaughtering people who think that there are more than 2 genders, then we have lost.

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ha. no. it's gonna be violence.

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Holy crap, I agree with that fat ugly turk Cenk on something. I'm shocked.

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Fuckin Junk Yogurt

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Then you ought to know that something's wrong.

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Hey jews maybe it wasn't such a good idea to overplay your hand. Muslims are a blade that will turn in your hand. And you have manipulated things to where you CAN'T call them out. LOL. This brother-fucking savage may be the best thing to happen to Congress in a long time.

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haha sit back and watch how us jews control all sided on this and SHUT IT THE FUCK DOWN

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*rummages through box of false flags

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Did we try blowing up the USS Enterprise to start a war with Iran yet?

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pulls out borg cube

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