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College students are just as retarded as everyone else. In fact, in some ways more so because so many seem to believe they're suddenly very intelligent just by virtue of being in college.

You ever see the one where they get college morons to sign the petition to ban the dangerous chemical, "dihydrogen monoxide?"

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It is the main component in acid rain after all.

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Try living in Boston- every college student not only thinks they are brilliant, but they are at the beginning of a long, successful career and treat everyone else, especially non college students and those the go to 'lesser' schools, as garbage. Every one of them thinks they're special despite the fact that the city gets thousands of new kids like them every year. It's maddening.

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This doesn't go away. I have a bunch of entitled idiots around me that think their piece of paper equates to ability. If anything their degree is a red flag that they have been indoctrinated and they should never be trusted with anything that requires the scientific method over feelings.

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Yeah, I wish I was actually as smart now, as I "thought" I was when I was college age.

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Seems scripted. I can't see these kids changing their opinion so quickly. It's more likely they would double down and continue supporting unfeasible plans just for the virtue signaling.

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As much as I want to think a representative republican can survive it really is too far gone. When our generation grows up it'll have to go the route of starship troopers to undue cultural marxism... Federation, military run. This isn't even something you can provoke or stop it's going to happen because of all of the drama and chaos millenials and 3rd worlders will create.

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