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That will be the whole nation if Dems ever regain power.

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https://archive.ph/xLd54 :

None | Kamala Harris’ A.G. Office Tried to Keep Inmates Locked Up for Cheap Labor

'By September 2014, plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit were back in court, accusing California of slow-walking the process, which lawyers for Harris’s office denied. '

'Still, other criminal justice advocates say Harris’s Senate career has given them hope. '

'Ordered to reduce the population of California’s overcrowded prisons, lawyers from then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris’s office made the case that some non-violent offenders needed to stay incarcerated or else the prison system would lose a source of cheap labor. '

'Plata that California’s prisons were so overcrowded that they violated the Constitution’s prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment. '

'Asked about the case this week, Harris’s presidential campaign, said she took action.“As she said at the time, Senator Harris was shocked and troubled by the use of this argument. '

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