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This man is putting trump to shame left and right

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He's great, except for the whole Israel thing.

[–] CameraCode 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

That alone isn't a reason to dislike him. He is doing absolutely great things for his people, in the grand scheme of things his policy on Israel has little impact on the people. It is very bad certainly, but he is a thousand times better than a Marxist politician that encourages LGBT, breakdown of family values, and no border restrictions, but doesn't support Israel.

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I can't shake that part. They've always played both sides just like this.

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"Perfect" is the enemy of "good"

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His mandate is much stronger because Brazil is a shithole and people are desperate.

Trump's election and success here gave Bolsonaro momentum and a fortified constituency.

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As he should.

I didn't know what the fuck a faggot was until I was 12 or 13, didn't need to know either.

Any time spent learning about faggots would be better spent learning about something actually useful like basic economics.

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Take a survey of 1,000,000 kids about to graduate high school and ask them how to keep a budget, do their taxes, and how credit works. You’ll get maybe 10% that have a clue and 3% that know how to invest. Now imagine 70% of those kids going into $40k+ in permanent debt at college. A goldmine for bankers where students hardly know what they want to do with their life. They’ve been spoon fed lies and hopeless dreams and guaranteed to fuck up. Just like I did and millions more. We need edu reform and a good start is to shread it all to pieces and start over.

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The failure of pre-Vatican-II Catholics to make good schools absolutely demonstrates that the concept needs an abortion. Mass education is always a failure.

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Hero. Can we get a real conservative like him in the US?

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Step two send transexuals to mental institutions for treatment , it is the humanitarian solution since they are a danger to themselves .

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That's what we used to do. Now they're running loose and voting.

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Torture camps disguised as treatment.

Convert them to biofuel so their life doesn't go to waste.

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or ya know if it were the law of the land, legally put them down like a rabid animal.

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Is there anything wrong with this? “Together with the Minister of Education and others involved we will evolve into creating citizens and no more political militants.”

Some people probably are born with defects and it's probably becoming more general with the advent of bizarre additives. But what good could fueling that really do? What could making that a central thing do? Everything that we are comes from what a people did, even the genius; since the genius would only ever be what the were in the society that they lived. What would a cave paining Michelangelo be?

We are who we are because of those who came before us sacrificed to build. We are not just us and what comes after us will not just be them but will be connected to history.

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I respect that man. The world is done with the bullshit, soon there will be a worldwide correction to the leftist bullshit.

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There's a new dawn in Brazil!

[–] bourbonexpert 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Thank god! There are still sane people alive

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