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I don't believe anything a poll says. It's realistically much higher for trump.

Has anyone ever actually participated in a presidential poll? How do you even do this? Anyway even if I was asked to be polled by msm, I'd lie to them and say I'm a trump hating democrat. And you all should do the same.

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I agree. You should always lie to polsters BEFORE the next election, an d say you hate Trump.

This will cause the Democrats to underestimate by how much they need to rig the election.

During any exit polls AFTER the election, tell them how you really feel about Trump.

They'll find it more difficult to "find" extra ballots that way... when exit polls show there's no fucking way the Democrats could possibly win.

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How? That SOTU was a fucking abortion. I guess the public likes highest levels of legal immigration in history, WW2 victory laps, muh holocaust, and feminist victory over men in the economy. We don't even have a fucking "wall" yet.