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In German...Good work schlomo

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French nationalists aren't fond of DeutschesReich. They make it a point to speak French only. This is a hoax.

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And quite the transparent one at that. It's hard to believe the hoaxers are that stupid. They probably think most people are that stupid, though; and in this they are, sadly, correct.

/ allez le Zyklon?

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They still don't realize they'd be better off. No matter, all the French were killed in World War One.

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They wore out the fairytale. Even Canadians are waking up to the jew problem, and they sleep so soundly.

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show me proof of this.

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Canadian here. Death to Juden termites.

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1488 gas the kikes from Canuckistan.

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I see yellow vests on street corners in my parents' city of ~50,000 in Ontario. Not protesting or getting in the way like in Paris (the city is almost 100% white, so I don't think they feel as threatened as your typical Parisian), but handing out flyers and helping old ladies cross the street, stuff like that. Just trying to build up awareness of problems for now.

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Damn right. Hi from Canada

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With a shop name like Bagelstein, they were asking for it

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Huh. Just the word juden. No broken glass, didn't cover anything up, just one word. Kinda rememorizes me of that college professor that kept "vandalizing" her own offices because she wanted to redecorate.

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Was it this one? Where the vandals conveniently took down all the photos so they could spraypaint the swastikas?


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Yep. I think it was that one. Thanks!

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Knew that was coming , only a matter of time to demonize.

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Jewish bakery.... Apparently the ovens weren't traumatizing enough.

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Even Jews know they belong in ovens.

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Too bad only a few hundred thousand got chucked in during the 40s eh?

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