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There were no slave auctions on Jewish holidays.

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TIL there were no slave auctions on Jewish holidays. Thank you.

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You wanna red pill the shit out of blacks? Have them look up "we thought they were white" by dontell jackson. In fact, it'll work on any leftist.

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Most blacks I've met don't read.

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They're violent by nature and could be a good ally, as long as we direct their anger appropriately.

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Unfortunately, most people don't read.

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Something a lot of whites don't realize is that there's huge ethnic differences between different blacks, especially depending on where in the world you're located.

Many black skin individuals in America actually have anywhere from 30-80% European genetics due to interracial mating.

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Those crazy slaver jews!

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Therefore the whiteman's reparations to the blacks should be entirely paid for by Israel

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I started watching a documentary based on people within the Jewish mafia and saw that one of them had written a book but it was deleted before I got back to it. Does anyone know the authors name? He bragged about the fact that only Jews could maintain a slave trade empire since they have people all over the world and only they are smart enough to maintain it.

Would love to find the book if anyone knows what I'm talking about

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Hey here's a bigger red pill: Gabonese Africans sold them after conquering various tribes all over Africa. They were black. Blacks sold blacks into slavery. Non-blacks were just the wholesalers and retailers, not the distributors.

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Slaves in America had better lives than most of the people alive at that time. Better than most of the people in the USSR.

Arabs castrated their slaves.

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And South America pretty much eliminated all of theirs. No outrage over those atrocities?

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I've read a book by the expert off the black slave trade, a french guy. In the book, he says that Jews have nothing to do with it, except some very modest financial investments. I feel that I'm being lied to.

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Almost all black slaves here brought to the US by Jews. Jews owned 40% of the slave population. Almost all African slaves were captured and sold by blacks betraying their own, Jews, or Muslims.

Whites fought multiple wars to end global slavery. The only ones to do so today.

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Some were white and some were Jews. It was a legal trade in those days and most people did not then consider it immoral.

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The only immoral thing about slavery is that it brought so many niggers to live in America. Thet don't realize that slavery was the best thing to ever happen to niggers. They got a free ride to the promise land.

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