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They have a point. We should be breeding more white westerners in countries with good education systems to replace ignorant nonwhites around the world. Why not retake Constantinople while we're at it?

Oh wait, they only want (((whites))) to do this, not whites. Fuck it, gas em.

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while we are at it we might as well give them money to import all the displaced arabs into our country.

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Wow that guy's Twitter is total cancer. 100% Jew.

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The Jews really wanted Syria to be destroyed. There are holy lands there that are central to their beliefs. These kikes will never be satisfied until all the Talmudic prophecies are fulfilled.

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And Lebanon, and SA, and Egypt/Sinai, and Iraq, according to that graphic.

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It's not just about the third temple. It's also about pipelines and shiet.

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And displacement of nonwhites.

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Into conservative states.

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I'd say you aren't going back enough. WWII was part of that plan. It resulted in Israel as a nation today. It also resulted in the dynamic that began the whole feminism movement. Women went to work during the war and were then told to go back home after it was over. Many resented that. It gave rise to the whole situation we have today with both mom and dad working, and kids being raised by the TV. Now it's phones, tablets, and the internet. Before WWII women had a job: raising kids. That is a full time job, if done properly.

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You'd be preaching to the choir.

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I know

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