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This is our "extreme-right" party. We're so fucked up!

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Yes, but it's always been fucked up - a complete joke. There is no more political solution. The sooner we realize that and come together, the better.

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You should check out South Africa's political choices some time. The white people there were 'asked' (by international boycotts) to let a Commie former terrorist become President, who was then given the Nobel Peace Prize for all the peace his bombing campaigns brought, you know, Nelson Mandela.

Now, the political spectrum consists of the center left Democratic Alliance (called the DANC, by locals).

The communist ANC party. (no, literally, look up the Tripartite Alliance)

The even further left Economic Freedom Fighters (who introduced the idea of appropriating farms from white people, without compensation).

And the EXTREME far left, Black First Land First.

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Would rather vote for the left who scream for your genocide instead then?

It's funny when people criticize the right for not being far right enough while forgetting that everybody to the left of center wants to exterminate them.

Sure, some of them commies don't like Israel, but they sure as hell want to get rid of your "conservative" ass. Did you also know that the commies want everybody to starve too, ala venezuela?

You vote right-wing because they do not promise for your extermination and starvation. That's it. Don't expect too much.

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It's germany what do you expect? You want them to start criticizing jews?

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If you start an openly antisemitic party in Germany you'll automatically get over 10% of the votes now and many more in the near future since all the Muslims will vote for you.

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You'll also end up in jail. Germany is cucked to the point where you even doubt small details in the holla cost and you're a literal Nazi who will lose his job, family, etc. And God forbid you have the smallest skeleton in your closet, because they will find it and destroy you over it.

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i think muslims in the west, especially turk ones are more pragmatic than that and will always prioritize parties that give gibs and right to import more roaches

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They're anti-migrant

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Fixing the older generation is a lost cause. You must look to young minds to shape the future.

The "Young Alternative" branch of the party is considerably more redpilled. Though still has a long way to go.

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The AFD was founded by billionaires after their pet party (FDP) dived in the polls. To get momentum they hired some nazis and told the people whatever they want to hear. The next step is the same we have already seen with the green party: The party splits into two wings - people who believe in the program (called fundamentalists) and people who want to move something by working together with established parties (called realists, you can also call them traitors). The "realists" will win: the people with the money want it, the mockingbird media wants it, and getting power compromises almost all politicians. Remember the green party, coming from the peace movement and ending wanting war in Yugoslavia?

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What will be the alternative to afd?

Why the fuck would you protect people who are trying to kill you?

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To signal virtue.

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Alternative for alternative for deutcheland aka AFAFD

That would be funny.

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National capitalist German workers party. That isn't banned yet haha

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leadership can be replaced

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