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learning from the chinese

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Often wish I was born before TV, Internet, Cell Phones, even before newspaper and reading material became so ever-present. Literacy and education is great, but we've become too independent from the people around us, too detached. Right now I think people on the fringes of social life are depressed and marginalized and this feeling is unfortunately becoming more common.

There are no leaders without followers and no sense of community can be built when people are most loyal to the people they see on TV and the internet and who often don't care about the best interests of their audience. Young men who in a different age would've formed strong bonds and been supported by their early peers as they progressed through life are now despondent and alone, they don't have the social reinforcement and uplifting that once existed.

My Grandpa told me a story once about how when he was a young man, all able bodied men in his town came together to build a hockey rink and community center. This necessity and sense of usefulness or service to a group is what I find is absent from my life and the lives of many people I meet. I see a world of people working only for themselves at the expense of the people around them. Nowadays the town would just take our money and give it to contractors from nearby and elsewhere to build it for us. There's something about the interweaving of blood, sweat, and tears into our social fabric which is missing from this more convenient, commoditized world. Shared pain brings us together, and today we make the unwise, selfish decision of easy comfort at the expense of true bonding and community.

People say it takes a village to raise a child but kids don't go outside anymore and when they do they aren't met with role models or companions, they're met with desolate streets and playgrounds, as adults off work are glued to the TV or other screen and other kids are too or else swamped in homework. The people they are likely to run in to nowadays aren't the good or normal ones so parents just keep their kids inside.

Technology may enable a bright prosperous tomorrow but today it is mostly isolating us from the people around us and crippling our social development. We aren't truly prosperous if we're addicted, enslaved, and misinformed, all at the expense of the next generation, who watches us inside our homes and will never learn what it feels like to explore themselves and the people around them.

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Well said!

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Your proposal is a bit too drastic

Being able to disconnect the "whole" internet from time to time is possibly enough to test that your country can still function without foreign intervention.

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I think Russia depends on US payment processing infrastructure. They gonna find out some scary shit.

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good the spam shit will take a break for a bit, do it more often Putin

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Where will I get all my wreckless driving videos from?

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America has lots of good footage thanks to dash cams getting more popular.

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So they can't blame it on russian bots this time.

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God bless em.