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Ha, how many people in the USA even realize that people living in Switzerland don’t speak “Swiss” because it isn’t a language?

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I believe the Swiss speak their own dialect of German "Swiss-German" (alongside French and Italian) but yes your point still stands.

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Yes you are correct and I'd imagine many probably speak fluent English as well as Russian, the Swiss do business all over Europe.

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Most also speak and understand High German, I can’t understand much of the Swiss German but am always able to get by just fine by asking if they speak German.

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He's really skilled in Spanish. He said, "You I speak Spanish, yes?"

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That's what blew my mind in the whole thing. How fucking dumb do you have to be to not know 'Swiss' isn't a language?

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Not very stupid, asshole.

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Like most all politicians, Booker is a con man. He's just not very good at it.

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$10 says he’s gay.

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Bathroom Booker bro, it's already been proven.

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Be fair. He's gone on record for groping a female classmate 30 years ago. So no, it would appear he's a switch-hitter.

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He certainly reflects the intellect of those who voted for him doesn't he?

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This is the same guy who has drug dealer/gangster friend "T-bone" so that he too can have street credz. https://www.nationalreview.com/2013/08/cory-bookers-imaginary-friend-eliana-johnson/

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He keeps trying not to be gay, but he hasn't achieved it yet.

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It's called "Emmentaler", you smug, ignorant fucking nigger.

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Black guy made up a black friend. How fukn pathetic is that?

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