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It used to be full of people who were there on merit as well. Now its just skin color.

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Probably why the school is full of idiots.

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If there are no borders and no nations, please define what a “deportation” is exactly.

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an excuse to bring the rest of the family

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college de-evolved into a high school shit show.

[–] Diggernicks 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

It's full of idiots due to the brainwashed commie professors teaching this bullshit

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The next national emergency. The real threat to the USA not Iraq/Afghanistan CULTURAL MARXISM.

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Part of the threat is not being able to write a complete, coherent sentence in English.

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I see a picture of mud people led by a jew with a bull horn, that guys nose needs to be a little clearer to tell but it looks hooked from this angle. Scared mud people that could be deported themselves. ICE is the last truley herioc government agency, it must not be ran by jews.

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Nigger with watermelon hair lol

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Not a white in sight.

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And these are our future doctors?

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