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Yea, they are doing the same thing to the Polish.

Oh wait! They do this to every culture. I wonder if this this has anything to do with antisemitism?

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thanks Debito? the guy who sued and took over 2chan.net , Hiroyuki Nishimura ?? People wonder how'd they let him naturalize into Japan? All he does it write about how much he hates Japanese people?

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That guy needs to be hanged and chopped to pieces and fed to pigs.

When can we start slaughtering everyone who promote left-wing world views?

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Jews overthrow their host culture just as quickly as a dog pees on a tree. It's in their nature.

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At least name the show

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The forsaken realm is the outskirt poor areas, not a different country

1 of the 13 captains is a foreigner, and he got the job based on his ability to fight

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The show is about orphan brothers, who grew up in a poor area, rising up and competing against the rich. It has nothing to do with "heroic foreigners". The foreigners are the enemy till they conform with the natives morality.

In other words, which episode did you watch?

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elves have hebrew names and they're demon worshippers Diamond kingdom wants to invade clover..

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you could have at least tried for Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion instead of nigger clover.

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Oh, you want to be pissed off by an anime? Go watch Radiant. It's not particularly good, but it's a prime example. The first major villain calls himself a "wall" and wants to massacre Muslim-looking migrants to protect the culture of his country. Felt like a real bait-and-switch when it went from a Fairy Tail ripoff to hardcore pro-migrant propaganda.

I realized that this couldn't have been written by the Japanese, and sure enough, the author of the original work is French. It's actually one of the first works written by a foreigner to get an anime adaptation. This is how it begins, with foreign influence and propaganda in their media.

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towards foreign media

Jew media

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except the Jews are deep into Chinese media. Israel is portrayed very very sympathetically there.

Go watch the big blockbuster about the Chinese Revolution and Sun Yat Sen. Notice the faces on the 'Americans' in the film. Jewy as anything.

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Based Nippon won't stand for this. They got nuked twice thanks to Jewish tricks. Matter of time before they shake off the parasites.

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Oy vey, don't listen to this Goyim!

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Did we actually see the real nukes though? Or was it all just a jewish trick to white guilt america even more.

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Jewish Tricks + ZOG = real nukes, unfortunately.

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Need more SS girls in tanks.

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I don't know. The Japanese are a really romantic people, by which I mean their media is all extremely dramatic and fantastical. They've long had legends and stories about all sorts of bizarre goings-on, yet their day-to-day life remains pretty grounded for their culture IMO. I think this makes them much more resistant to propaganda than one would think.

I like the Japanese, but I'm not going to bother saving them while my own people is being annihilated. Can't spare concern for anybody else. They'll just have to take care of themselves.

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Oh, eventually they'll probably be fucked, that's for sure. But by then, our fate will probably have already been decided. More or less, they depend on us. If we win, they'll be fine. If we don't, they're fucked. So I'm not going to bother worrying about them right now.

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Japs need to look into the financial records of all of their officials and media faggots to see who is getting bribed by the nose before it gets worse.

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Roll Call Japan - Let’s see a show of hands of our Japanese friends.

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