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"hate speech" - anything faggots and degenerates don't like. It's okay to say it to hard working coal miners that have done nothing wrong to society, but how dare anybody say that to propagandists who work tirelessly to misinform, manipulate and divide the nation further!

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But you don't understand, these people are culture curators and creators. They are the ones who made the Internet great! And they are fighting the patriarchy and literal Nazis!

If the silent war ends, what will become of the unemployables like fake news journos?

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the phrase is going to be no different than saying fuck you

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That’s already how I use it.

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The Left: Free speech for me, but not for thee. Can't make this shit up. One day, I hope in the near future, the left will realize what a total shit wipe they have been for the past 2 years. I was a liberal just 10 years ago. I hated Bush II and knew 9/11 was an inside job (3 buildings 2 planes!?). Fucken DS play both ends against the middle and we fall for it every fucken time! This time it seems different...there is to much truth coming out. People don't believes MSM (ratings). Twatter/MSM/liberals have an aneurysm whenever Trump posts. Things are changing, maybe not as fast as we want, but Rome wasn't built in a day (nor did it fall in a day). But I take heart looking outside our country and seeing other countries changing their course. Some leaders openly saying they are following what Trump has started.

I always thought WWIII would be nuclear, but instead it's a shadow/info/propaganda/truth war for the hearts and minds of the people of the world and our great country.

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for the past 2 years

Heh, you need to look into history.

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Jews have been preparing for white genocide since they took control of television in the early 1950s.

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So Obama was guilty of hate speech?

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It's hate speech because while the coal miners could possibly learn to code the news people aren't smart enough.

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Who fucking cares what a bunch of whining self obsessed millennial trash journalists wants? We've had to suffer their destruction of society. Fucking buttercups deserve to feel shit. Need more psychological rampage.

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Actually, they need to learn history. And, then, learn to code.

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Learning to tell the complete truth might be a good thing too.

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Obama deliberately, openly and unashamedly tried to destroy and end an entire American industry, the coal industry, that has been feeding white Christian families for centuries in America. Never forget.

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