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This proves that the murder rate is a racial characteristic, not due to "economic inequality."

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The nigger tax is the most destructive of all.

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This doesn't actually matter to leftists.
They say this just to beat the evil racists.

Land, McCall & Cohen looked at more than just poverty. The study from 1990 looked at how well 11 variables predicted crime variation between 50 states and every city and SMSA in the last 30 years: population size, population density, percent black, percentage aged between 15 and 29, percent divorced, percent of kids without two parents, median family income, the poverty rate, income inequality, the unemployment rate, and whether or not the city/SMSA/State was in the south.

Across ALL tests race was a better predictor for homicide rates than any other variable was. NOTHING that leftists say is ever true. And they don't care about the truth, or they wouldn't be on the left.

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Shitskins versus whites and asians. It's in the numbers. Do the math and see the percentage of poverty to each demographic.

Look at the beaner percentages. They don't bring anything but more poverty to the table and Democrats want to keep flooding them in. More poverty equates to more stupid fuckers voting for gibs.

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The startling part of the economic angle is that rich blacks kill at a higher rate than even the poorest whites. Just look at the far right column for the latest data.

(and here's the very very comprehensive source)

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At least this study didn’t do the per capita crap that misrepresents just how many minirities are on assistance programs.

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Thanks for the sauce

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When your "race" is such a mixed bag of mixed race mongrels that you have an "any race" behind the basic category, you know you done fucked up.

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"Mystery Meat"

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Spics largely kill each other and niggers in gang wars. Usually they affect the white man through dwi crashes and rape.

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But black poor is worse than white poor because they have no white privilege. /s

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