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this green deal is going to ruin the party as a whole.

pelosi and half the dems are rightfully laughing at purging cow farts

the other half is insane wants it put in

the republicans arnt ever going to let them forget about this embarrassment

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The Bartender is the best thing to happen to the Republican/Conservative movement in a long time. The Bartender is like the anti-Sarah Palin

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Except she’s much louder and has a much larger platform

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But if anyone does an impression as convincing as "I can see Russia from my house", they will be branded as racist/sexist/bigoted/X-phobic.

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Just sit back and watch them ruin themselves, totally fucking amazing, no one could have predicted the Democrats implode in this fashion. Beautiful!

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The checks and balances built into this republic are going to be stressed beyond their advised operating parameters in the coming months.

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Actually, a number of people have been predicting this since the Clinton/Sanders debacle in the last election cycle. The Democrat party is basically dead, and its supporters will now fracture into different warring camps. Some will even form new parties. (Look for a resurrection of the Communist USA party.)

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plus people have already solved the cow fart thing by feeding cows seaweed

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Yeah but how many farmers are doing that?

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the other half is insane wants it put in

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first send mad.

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This is the cuck who supported the Anti White Activism resolution

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He's my rep. He touched all the right talking points, is a former navy seal, a war hero, has a hot wife with huge tits, and looks like Big Boss. He did everything right and then the moment he took office turned into a zionist neocon cuck. Biggest disappointment of all time.

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former navy seal, a war hero

Since the US military works for Israel maybe we should start seeing that as a negative.

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lol, wtf are you smoking? The TradTHOT he's married to is an average looking whore, at best, with a very deceiving push-up bra. But that's beside the point. You and his constituents need to call this shill out for all the kike-cocksucking that he does. Stop worshiping the faggot's ZOGbot status.

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"white genocide isn't real"
> anti-white activism resolution
"Oy, vey! Stop being antisemitic!"

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Genocide confirmed.

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He did indeed: https://twitter.com/RepDanCrenshaw/status/1085328158075879425

Rep. Dan Crenshaw

(((‏Verified account))) @RepDanCrenshaw

Proud to vote in favor of H. Res. 41, which denounced white nationalism and white supremacy. Rep. Steve King’s comments have no place in this country. White supremacy cannot be tolerated in any form.

4:09 PM - 15 Jan 2019

What a good shabbos goy.

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Holy. Fucking. Shit.


You can’t even be proud of being white?? It’s officially denounced at the highest federal level.

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eeeh I can understand voting against here even if you don't agree.

Voting yes here was political suicide.

Might as well have resigned.

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He needed someone to pay for his election campaign, and neonazis are poor piece of shits who aren't printing money and are mere plebs compared to these jewish "nobles."

If you aren't funding him then you have no right to complain. It is natural for people to sell their votes to the highest bidder. That's why you won't get any goods out of an auction house if you can't pay the most.

Basic econonomy 101.

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I see it as the anti-white mania. Everything whites creates is bad and must be destroyed.

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Western Civilization is an obstacle when you are trying to enact global communism, that's why it has to go.

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Earth good, humans evil. Humans must be controlled in all aspects because they can't be trusted to do what's best for the planet. Give up your private property so that we may allocate to everyone only what we deem necessary.

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in biblical christianity God gives man dominion over earth,on the new age they give nature dominion over men

upside down values if you havent noticed

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The global warming farce has never been about the environment.

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You mean the green bad deal?

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The Great Green Leap Forward

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Make it red and you've got Mao.

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open borders is the most anti-green position you can have.

no thanks.

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Socialist economy is an oxymoron.

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I agree we should get rid of nuclear energy. "Clean", until something melts. It is just a deteriorating network of leaking reactors, waiting for that critical moment that can't be turned around. Be careful of which industrial corporations are giving out soundbytes.

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Chernobyl has completely recovered and was a shitty reactor to begin with. Fukushima was the result of building a reactor in a retarded place because the land was cheap. Nuclear energy is infinitely more safe and clean that oil and has a much bigger output for the amount of fuel, space, mining, and maintenance necessary to keep it running. If you think solar farms and windmills can power America, you're a fucking moron. Nuclear energy is the only realistic option besides fossil fuels. And that's only if you buy imto the bullshit that the sky is about to fall. Crenshaw is a cuck, but he's right about what the green new deal is.

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There are 61 nuclear power plant sites in the United States that are currently operating. Records indicate 43 of these sites at one time or another have had leaks or spills that involved tritium concentrations greater than or equal to 20,000 pCi/L. Six sites are currently reporting tritium, from a leak or spill,


Nuclear energy is NOT safe. It is insane to continue to advocate for it.

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Easy to say if you aren't receiving bribes and gifts for voting for pro-nuclear things.

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