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Wish I could downvoat you into hell. Either you're an asshole or a troll because that's the most mysogonistc thing I've heard all year.


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Please kindly fuck back off to SRS.


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It definitely could have been worded better, but his overall concept is correct. There are a lot more people in the workforce than there were 30 years ago, and part of this is because of the increase of women. It also has to do with an increase in college educated professionals, and an increased number of immigrants in the workforce. The workforce has become saturated, and while the way he worded it made it seem misogynistic, I don't think the overall point was

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[–] Nationalist ago 

He made a ton of generalizations like everyone having kids, women being primary caregiver and not earner.

I mean generalizations aren't always wrong.


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Try and take your mind out of the battle of the sexes for one minute here. When the supply of something is nearly doubled, what happens to the cost of that something? It drops dramatically. The same thing happens with labor. When nearly half of the population join the work force, the cost of labor drops dramatically. Basic economics. Not everything has to do with what you have between your legs.