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Except its actually trump that looks worse.


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Keep telling yourself lies faggot, you all have an incredible capacity to believe bullshit you feed yourselves.


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How is it a lie that trump looks worse? You’re just mad because someone said mean things about your favorite team you sissy faggot. You’re still playing the Jewish right vs left game? “Oh please Great MAGA lord, tell me what to think so I don’t have to think critically.” Trump looks worse to the left for “shutting down the government” (when really the government shut down is a part of the plan to slowly strangle the lower class who have grown dependent on the government, to fuel the coming war) and worse to the right by not making moves when they had political control a year ago. He waited to do this until now. Why? Because he doesn’t care about you.


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I think even most trump supporters blame him for the shutdown.


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Optics vs reality. Saying someone looks bad doesn’t mean they are.


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Why is he demanding money? Aren't Mexico going to pay for it?

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For the shutdown. And for waiting for a Democrat house before he got serious about the wall. He had a Republican House and Senate for the last 2 years.