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Drag Queen Story hour, a children focused event

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

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Satan is making moves

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Satan is due for a purge.

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It's the KIKES attacking our children

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They're writing and unwriting the laws...

so, yes. It is the Kikes.

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...and adults with corrupt laws.

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"It's actually pretty cool. You could easily just go to your local gay bar, kidnap one of these transgender queers and slit their throat, toss their body in the dumpster and light it on fire.

For teh lulz" ~ User HateDragon28594 on YouTube

These are the kinds of comments I'm seeing online by fascists!11!1!!!!!

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That's a good way to get exposed to HIV.

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Yep.. Honestly it feels like that.

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I just can't comprehend how some parents think that kind of thing is appropriate for children in the first place.

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The Demonic works through Suggestion, Oppression, and Possession.

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Satan's SOP

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You should check out an article written by EIR in 1993 called Tavistock is mass murdering our children. It’s about how the current education system has been DESIGNED to do exactly that.

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Suggestion, Oppression, and Possession.

You forgot treason. As long as you focus on external enemies, you'll be backstabbed before you can ever make a meaningful move.

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DAE Le demons???

Lol I bet ur a stupid babyboomer

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You can grow up to be whatever you want in spite of any handicaps that life may throw your way!

A sentiment that makes sense when talking about actually physically disabled or disfigured people succeeding in a field in which their deformity would normally be a handicap. This drag queen story hour however is an attempt to normalize the bizzare life choices of deviants in the minds of children.

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My question is, why would any parent willfully indoctrinate their child? When you send a kid to public school at least the indoctrination isn't apparent. Things like this only exist for the purpose of indoctrination, because what human being would ever feel need to go out of their way to put their child through something like that?

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Autism yes. Insanity no.

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Because they are fucked up parents. I'm in a blue state, and see plenty like that. Their warped mentality had years to develop.

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Because their parents are PEDOPHILES and degenate transhumanists.

that's why.

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"make them famous"

They already are in some circles, degenerate.

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They are at the top too, Biden read stories before he fucks kiddies.

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Children were crying because they couldn’t see a tranny? WHO are these ‘parents’? I’m crying for our future!

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Yeah I call bull. Maybe their degenerate mothers promised them a trip to the McDonalds Germ Play Place as a reward for sitting through that crap and they were crying over the lost reward perhaps.

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that drag fag shit ain't so cute when facing adults who know you are sick demented pedos, is it? the adults organizing this degeneracy need to be seriously harrassed.

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No kidding, the agenda is to get kids on hormones to keep them pre-pubescent longer (and create customers for life of BigP)

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they do need to be harassed. children need to learn and live in as neutral of an environment as possible. they know this. death for those who want to poison the minds of children.

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Yes! We need more people willing to take action.

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We need a few in masks in the parking lot waiting for Mr tranny to give him a little encouragement to not show up again.

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Kill the faggots and teach the children how to de glove their prey

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HIV meat and hides are useless

[–] Gorillion 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

This. Only fire works.

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The meat, yeah, but the hide should be just fine as long as you practice proper BSI (i.e., wear some thick rubber gloves) during the skinning process. HIV is actually really fragile as viruses go -- the virus can't survive more than a few minutes outside the body, which is why it requires either, ah ... intimate contact ... or a blood transfusion to spread. The hide is exposed to all sorts of caustic chemicals during the tanning process, including several which are specifically for denaturing proteins. Viruses, as you'll recall from biology class, are made of protein. I highly doubt HIV would survive exposure to calcium hydroxide and chromium(III) sulfate.

I personally wouldn't wear a jacket made of tranny hide, but I don't see much health risk in you doing so.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, I am a mad scientist. This is not medical advice. If you are considering skinning a tranny for their hide, you should contact a doctor, establish confidentiality, and ask them some very strange hypothetical questions.

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Kill the faggots


First go after whoever gave the permission for the event.

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So the Jewish Mayors , Felons in power that are bought ?

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It should be organized and done at every one of these type of events.

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=uxwKgzYCN2A "It's animal Livin' in the human zoo Animal The shit that they toss to you Feelin' like a christian Locked in a cage Thrown to the lions"

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Hell yeah!

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