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Interesting, although such a maneuver goes against The Art of War and Roman Military doctrines, which Trump typically uses. That being said, I don’t put it past Trump to use such a strategy on his own volition.

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In his thirties, Trump was a chess "grand master" and his son Baron just became one. In chess you don't "win", you maneuver until there is nowhere for the opposing king to go.

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I think you greatly underestimate the resources of, and depths to which, evil will stoop.

Or more to the point you greatly overestimate the intellect of the average American voter. If we were not dealing with fundamentally EVIL people hillary would have only gotten 2 votes in the entire country.

Now if we are to be honest here Romney would not have been better than obama. And McCain with all likelihood would have actually been worse. But hillary? I cannot imagine the blackness of a soul that would vote for her. I don't believe we've seen the Anti-christ yet. But hillary is a fine representation of what that will look like.

This is nothing at all like a done deal. I admit it is going pretty well. But it isn't done until the last foot of razor wire is put in place.

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You raise a good point; these brainwashed hordes have no concept of right and wrong, and they are dangerous to civilization as a whole. I’m tempted to compare it to the propaganda of the Third Reich or the Soviets, maybe even the Catholics before them, but this is different.

We have the Internet now, and access to numerous data sources and different perspectives, which means that these people are actively choosing abject evil for the sake of mental comfort.

There is no neutral ground in this fight, nobody can abstain from involvement.

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I really like the way you think. I have similar thoughts. I fear that maybe 35% of our population is brainwashed, complicit or cooped. There are many whores. If it ever gets to be 50% we are done, or if they are able to abolish the border. Once the evil cabal is overthrown and the pedophiles are in jail, we will still need a revival. The fight won't be over.

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Graham's Senate Judiciary Committee is about to blow the lid off of the FISA scandal

Is this related to the FBI scrambling to explain why they were so aggressive about the Carter Page FISA warrant?

Also has this writeup held up?


I cobbled it together and edited it heavily from sources on Voat and on 4chan at the time.

So far I think it has held up.

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Yes. That and a lot of other things, including unclassified documents, and emails; from separate reports from the Huber and Horowitz investigations, and the testimony of whistle blowers, and the testimony of key players who have turned state's evidence. The Dems can not contain it.