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Well legal and illegal is a social construct and as such it should have no bearing on what actions society takes so long as they are the correct actions.

Following that logic how could anyone anywhere say hitler did anything wrong?

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Because people think life is more important (unless it's a white person) regardless of how meaningless or benign it is. I got in an argument with my co-workers and it boiled down to him asking "so you think trees are more important than dying children in Africa?" I looked him bold, straight faced in the eye and said "Yes. The tree gives back, what do the children do other than cry and beg?" He called me a white supremacist and that we shouldn't argue anymore.

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You must have been talking about pollution and the starving yet rapidly multiplying third world.

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I invite all the anti-wall morons to remove the walls from their houses and communities and remove the locks from their houses and cars too! If you don't believe in walls, post your bank account number and Id's & passwords to your online banking accounts!

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I would take it a step further, they should go to Animal kingdom and spend the night inside the open wild cat range without their vehicle. Perhaps jump the wall into the gorilla enclosure, or move their family INSIDE the walls of a Fed penitentiary because surely those walls, gates, barriers, and fences don't work.

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Take it a step further. Have them remove the walls to their bodies; their clothes. Allow themselves to be "migrated" by anyone looking for a little fun. The people invading their bodies will just be labelled as people looking to have a better life for themselves. For 6 minutes... Stopping them from fucking the libs would be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc... And stop calling these people rapists. They are unrecognized sexual partners.

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You presumably have a much clearer right of ownership to your personal property than the government has over 2.43 billion acres of land within it's arbitrary borders secured mostly through violence.

Further, you presumably didn't steal from your neighbor to raise your walls/roof.

There is nothing hypocritical about believing in the right to build a wall on your own property why also believing the government has no right to steal your property to build walls around other people's property.

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Well the good news is that if the nusocialists gain control and go full communism we will get great big walls on the northern and southern border. An iron curtain of sorts.

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And moral and immoral. Note that the Democrats are also the party of fag rights and baby murder.

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As far as I know, walls hold up most roofs. If you shut your door, you have protective walls.

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Nor do they believe in the line between male and female, or white and black.

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An ideal world has no place for walls and neoliberals want to present their world as ideal , it is far from that . A world without walls will be a world without neoliberals .

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Male and female...

EDIT: This truly has become the Land of Confusion

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they believe in doors, locks and walls at home though.

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And armed guards

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