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Good women aren't hard to find and getting laid is easy.

I'm always a bit confused when goats complain about either. My guess is it is them that is the problem, but that's just a guess.

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Unless your ugly, have no social status and are broke... try finding a "good one".

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I'm none of those, but I used to have no social status and was broke. I'm also not that good looking, though I've aged well. I'm 61. My last girlfriend was 19 when we hooked up and really cute. The current one is older but definitely good looking.

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I was the last 2 on this one for years and it was never a problem.

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why is this on v/politics and not v/whatever

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I guarantee you that she’ll bang a random guy at the Cancun foam-cannon party, and still manage to convince you that she’s “not that kind of girl”. I’ve been both the guy she cheats on, and the guy she cheats with, and I can tell you that no woman is beautiful on the inside.

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I pray about peace for you

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Why would you assume I’m not at peace? That’s a legitimate question that needs an answer.

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Praying is useless. There is no god.

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Then don't sign a prenup. I dare you.

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I spend 11 hours at work and public transportation every day , when i come home i want to shower , eat and delve into gaming, reading and VOAT . My weekends include reading , beer , whoring and spending quality time with my friends . I am almost 50 and i live like a 20 year old without family responsibilities , a nagging cunt and her needs / her friends / her problems . The whores i fuck are between the ages 19-23 , always . Since i read around 500 articles ( wikipedia , scientific etc ) every year for the last 20 years i can hold any conversation for a variety to topics that unfortunately do not include gossip , hair and "our relationship" . Every time my financial situation becomes good i rent a yacht and sail for a couple of weeks together with people that are crew only ( not crew females are a disaster in yachts ) .

Now please tell me how a decent woman will add value to my life .

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Are these literal whores or you just call them that lol?

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Prostitution is legal in my country so yeah .