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She deemed it necessary to rule against every fiber of our Constitution, leading our country down an evil path of destruction, turning a blind eye, knowing the Swamp and Deep State were bringing our country to a third world level. Now she , will answer to the highest Supreme Court. May he give her, the same mercy, she gave America!

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Usually cancer free diagnosis come 6 months after procedures to remove the tumor. Although they can remove it, there is a waiting period to see if it grows back or relocated.

She’s dead or dying and they won’t let her go with dignity. It’s disgusting.

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Finding a body double for an 85-year old crow is a lot harder than they initially thought

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Larry King could pull it off.

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She dead

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There's not enough baby blood in the world to keep this hidious old bag alive.

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Keep hope alive. Trump gets to pick another!

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Let's hope he picks an actual conservative nationalist this time.

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If she makes it back, then the elites have a cure for cancer and keep it for themselves. Colon cancer, pancreatic cancer(rarely survivable), and now metastic lung cancer. (rarely survivable for the long haul). Q keeps posting RBG news and DS keeps countering with an article pretending it is proof of life. If Q is posting about her, there is some insider coms, so imagine that, Dems have insider leaks. Either way, her aids have cell phones. If she is working from bed, and she is not known to be a vain person, just take a short vid of her with a dated newspaper saying hello and thanks for all the well wishes. Not a single pic or vid, so no proof of life yet because democrats lie for a living. They will "Weekend at Bernie's" her as long as possible to keep Trump from getting another conservative SC. He will win again in 202O. Tik tok.

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Or ever - she's dead

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