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Maybe unacceptable for her rich jewish kids who all live in gated jewish communities and who went to private schools.

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Our children need protection not a morals lesson. Especially from that ding bat, Pelosi.

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Well the kind of America you want Ms.Pelosi is morally unacceptable for me. Considering I'm a taxpaying US citizen of voting age, it seems like my opinion should matter more than what children think.

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What Nancy Pelosi understands about morals, is absolutely nothing. She has none.

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Today I learned Nancy Pelosi thinks locking your nation’s door is unacceptable. Yet, this virtue signaler mocks her doors at night.

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Yet, this virtue signaler mocks her doors at night.

So, if we go in and kill her, is it immoral for us to go past the walls or what because she said the walls are immoral, but I don't really know her stance on murder. Do I have to be illegal to get away with it?

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Voat mocks, Nancy Locks.

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A wall is morally unacceptable if you are a (((parasite))) that depends on diversity for security.

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Young people dont need mental anything, they can make up their own minds, they need physical protection from common hazards of material and chemicals, generally of what could require a first aid kit, sexual hygeine and dietary instruction, and basic infrastructure until they can afford their own.

Young people simply don't have a body knowledge of various physical properties, which is why theyre routinely injured or breaking stuff.

Political invocation of children is to appeal to the dumb people that don't think that have children as accidents, to appeal to their sentimentality of DNA protectionism and over-sheltering ageism.

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These are the politicians that people voted for before we had internet and didn't know media was not keeping us informed....and they are still in office because they rigged everything.

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