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No wall, and no weapons. What could they have planned for us?

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Extermination. Genocide is already happening.

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See what's happening in Europe? That.

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give up all your security and walls that protect you and your fucking jew family. i would put you right in the middle of shitcago or baltimore and see how long before you shit your hagged out jew ass.we should take all the money you stole off the american people and feed you bread and water- bitch

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Umm, if it gets too bad she can just fly to Israel and everything will be fine... considering they have WALLS and all.

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surprised politicians are as safe as they are in DC when they're surrounded by the ghetto

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Great idea. This is also how we stopped people from doing drugs.

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Nailed that one.

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Only FELONS and black cops will have guns under the socialist women voter regime.

Maybe black men will finally stop voting democrat? Or is free gibs more important than weapon access?

Only whites with jobs seem to care about the constitution.

Trump 2020

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Someone tell ol' Feiny to take her booger hook off the bang switch before she kills everyone.

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Ive seen her do this shit many times over at least last 10 years. Be funny if someone hand her a loaded one ready to go one of these times to teach her

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Not a lot of people know this, but back in the 80's when Feinstein got her CCW (because muh privilege), her first gun was an illegal one. She was taking a tour of a police station and saw a gun she liked in evidence. She picked it up and basically said "this is mine now" and left with it. No one said anything.

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The House should pass a bill that would make it a felony for any member of Congress to introduce any legislation that would subvert, change, alter or otherwise repeal any of the 10 Laws codified under the Bill of Rights.

Some Constitutional Amendments were a mistake (like the 13th, 18th and 19th) and should remain subject to repeal or modification, but the first 10 should always be held sacrosanct.

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We need an amendment that would make the Bill of Rights permanently sacrosanct, since it seems it wasn't already made perfectly clear to them.

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You're saying that we need a law that makes congress uphold the law. Think about it.

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Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.

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Why didn't the founding fathers put that in?

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She just sold a bazillion high-capacity magazines and likely doubled the rate of semi-auto rifle sales.

They never learn.

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She just sold a bazillion high standard capacity magazines

The rifles were designed for 30 round mags. Kind of like retro fitting cars to have 10 gallon gas tanks to fight global warming.

They're not banning high capacity gas tanks, they are banning normal ones.

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Good point, Touche'

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Have you seen California bullet buttons or the pistol grip blade things?

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Every time they even threaten to do this shit, you can't find ammo at a reasonable price. Makes me wonder if all the ammo scalpers I saw at all the gunshows during Obongos term were democrats.

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I remember people standing around at Cabela's waiting for more .22LR to be brought in from the back room.

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It worked so well in Colorado!

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and NJ

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Assault weapons....these jews need a better understanding of words....pencils can be assault weapons...one step closer to over reach based on double-speak

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Closer? They've been overreaching for almost a century.

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Well played sir

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