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Whoo-boy, someone's going to get SJW'd and fired.

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The Jews will no longer fund his research and their army of false academics will attack him professionally. Poor old fella thinks that psychiatry is still based in actual facts.

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it never was.

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They have tenure there. My woman worked there and there was almost nothing some of these senior end doctors, especially ones that have lots of published work, can do to get fired. Even getting the hospital sued for things completely other than malpractice. Nope. Still there. Abusing staff? Nope, still there.

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It's from 2016...

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It is important to note that over half of the transgender population considers suicide!

Really? Shame it can't be all of them. The study is disturbing though, every pic or story from one of these mentally ill faggots mentions how brave and happy they are. They never mention that they are all bat shit crazy. Funny.

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Honestly, a majority of these subhumans look like a bunch of pedophiles.

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You're touching on something I've been thinking about a lot recently.

Full blown tards are obvious to everyone: their bone structure, eyes, hair usually, posture, facial expressions, speech, stench, etc are blatant indicators of mental retardation and genetic inferiority.

There are a considerable amount of "borderline tards" that don't display every single indicator, maybe only 3 or 4.

And those with maybe only 1 indicator, but we can still spot these tards.

I think faggots, even closeted, are spottable in the same way. The flamers are too obvious to even talk about, but I think fags have a genetic deviation from normal humans, and that it's significant enough to be seen with the naked eye.

This challenges the boat-makority-held opinion that homosexuality is caused primarily from a cycle of abuse.

"Cycle of Abuse" homosexuals are much more difficult to spot.

Back to the trans people...I would want an exact breakdown of which of them were genetic fags, which one were COA fags, and which ones were both cross-referenced with "success" numbers.

I think there's a small amount (1/1000, 1/5000, I don't know) amount of actual trans people, who because of damaged genetics or tainted vaccines or whatever, are born male with female dna or vice versa. 1/10000? Of each person claiming trans, not out of everyone.

Throughout history there have been people who lived as the other gender, so I think it does exist...but at astronomically lower rates than it's being "represented" in our society.

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I bet a lot of that comes from being pumped full of hormones their brains aren't made to respond to. If your s man and tank your testosterone you're going to be pretty damn depressed and feel like absolute shit. Just because you don't think your a man doesn't mean anything. God, I fucking hate trannies.

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all probably consider it, though only 40% or so actually go through with it

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I hate a coward.

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"It's because they're so oppressed that they are unhappy. We need to continue to pander them and encourage them."

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Of course gender reassignment is biologically impossible. All they are doing is a form of mutilation through plastic surgery and inappropriate hormones.

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Just need to change all of your DNA, pretty simple huh? Idiots.

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and bone structure.

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if the fucking most we get out of gene-editing is tranny surgery, researching it was a fucking waste of time.

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Customer for life.

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I said this to a bunch of boomer staff workers a while back. Their mouths opened and closed but they could not formulate a response: they cared way too much about being youthful and trendy and I am a full generation younger than them.

I tried to think of a comment to make them even more uncomfortable; not sure if I succeeded. I said something about casual depravity being the end of America but this was before the culture made that stuff a fireable offense.

Sigh. The good old days.

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The mistake was dignifying transgender people as normal, enabling them with surgeries and hormones, and accommodating them in soceity. Now, you can't tell them they have mental health issues because they won't believe it.

This might blow over in a generation or so since transgenderism isn't sustainable in the long term.

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Even if what they believe about their bodies is 100% true (it's not), they shouldn't be able to say it's a mental (or physical) health issue. It's a huge issue! Either something is completely wrong with your body: bad...or something is completely wrong with your brain: worse. That they're considered normal is beyond absurd.

Absurdium ad nauseum?

Crazy enough to make me sick?

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But what if they all get together and breed....oh.

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They "breed" by molesting other people's kids to make more freaks.

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You are what your DNA says you are.

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A lot of Human DNA is inactive. For example the heart healing gene "DFNA27"

There are also people who turn basic amino acids in to more types of proteins than most people. Those people can put on muscles a lot easier.

Who knows what ells we are missing.

I am convinced that there was an advanced global civilization that predates the ancient Egyptians. I bet that we have devolved since then.

Our hidden past is probably closely lined to these "locked" genes

look up Anatoly fomenko for more strange history stuff.

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Yes there was, It’s in the Bible. People used to live for hundreds of years and were taller and larger.

Not to mention the nephilim

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Fomenko believes that history is false? That it's a recurring cycle of the same story? Spaced out far enough that we're too stupid to see it?

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Non-coding DNA is not "inactive" we are just starting to scratch the surface of all the things it is actively doing or regulating.

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There's like .01% of the population that the DNA fucks up like X0 chromosomes. But still, you are still a women.

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Yep. You can't change your sex just because you want to.

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He probably has some incurable diease and said fuck it im not going out damning a generation of people im going to speak the truth in a world full of jews and lunatics. He did the right thing. He will be fired and ostrisized tommorrow but he did the right thing.

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Dr. Paul R McHugh for Surgeon General of the United States!

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if you’re saying “gender” you’ve already lost.

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But no one is a trans sex anything either so...

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