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Why bother asking someone outside the ethnic group that founded and made this country great their opinion on immigration? Of course they're going to stick up for their fellow spics and want more of them. Third worlders don't have the mental capacity to even contemplate what freedom really means

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Of course they're going to stick up for their fellow spics and want more of them.

Only on TV. I bet she doesn't live with the scum she imports.

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Any Hispanic that gets the slightest step up in success or makes a little money is constantly plagued, stalked, harrassed and guilted by lowlife idiot family members that are addicts or ex convicts. I'm sure she goes home to cousins, brothers, nieces, nephews, etc....that demand all her CNN money

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Hell no. Talmudic monetary rewards for talking heads buys access to white people.

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Yeah, no kidding - Please name for me the top 5 illegal immigrants who came to America "seeking asylum" and who turned out to be one of the most successful people in our country... or successful at all... are there any?

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Put the CNN logo on her and it's a perfect meme.

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just show the full screen shot

the LOGO was on the bottom right

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It really is. Spam that bitch's twitter with them

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She's part of The View. VIle, Ignorant, Evil, Women.

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15 times? At what point do we shoot them in the head and dump them across the border.

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Use the bodies to build the wall a la 300. We could span the whole border with a 30ft high mound no problem

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Personal story time, I've told this on Voat repeatedly but it fits well here:

A relative of mine was killed by an illegal savage from Mexico in a horrific car crash. The savage had been deported up to 5-6 times prior to this. He somehow got back in again, obtained a "legal" driver's license, a vehicle, and even fucking insurance somehow.

Then one night, he got piss drunk (over 0.1 BAC) and ran an intersection, slamming into my relative and killing them. He lived. He is currently in a prison in the state where this happened. So my relative's parents, good taxpaying citizens, get to play adoptive parents for this savage while he's in prison. Their tax dollars go to feeding, housing, clothing, entertaining, attending his medical needs, education, EVERYTHING.

So even though I lost a relative, I sort of have a new relative. I'd really like for him to die. But we get to fucking take care of him, because WE LIVE IN CLOWN WORLD.

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We need to meme this bitch to suicide.

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Spics are disgusting animals, what do you expect?

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Gas that smug cunt

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Yet a kid from a terrible shit hole country is held at the border for a couple days in conditions 100 times better then their home and they paint the border patrol as ss nazis torturing the kids! No sympathy for this american citizen who was almost killes. We fucking are living in jew bizzarro world.

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oh damn is MDE terminology going mainstream? :D

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