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It's The replacement migration.

So yes, it's genocide.

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Replacement migration. The U.N's plan to increase a bunch of 1st world nation's foreign born populations up to 27%. Most are currently at 8-17%

Why you ask. (((economic reasons)))

Not to mention that simply increasing the population will lower the standards of living for every one but the mega rich. You don't even need to mention Race to discus this with normies. But surely even they must see what would happen when you import millions of people from the 3rd world.

In all seriousness our world is set up on constant growth. A lot will have to change. Automation couldn't come soon enough.

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Correction: its an attempt at a genocide

Race-mixing, and not breeding goes against evolutionary programming. Its not working despite the outliers presented in the (((media))). Truth is the jew's plans are falling apart rapidly, people are waking up. As the jew becomes more desperate he will become more harsh in order to speed up his plans, effectively turning people against his goals and waking up even the most blind. Europe is already starting to turn more nationalistic.

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There are a number of objectives. Divide and conquer is much easier with a highly heterogenous population. And also, historically which group served as go-betweens between Christians and Muslims? They want that role, as it gives them a front, a cover, for why they have to be in charge. "Oh, well, those two groups can't work together, but with our guidance, our leadership..."

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They don't care about the religion at all they are trying to wipe out the whole Aryan/European race.

They will regret it.

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I disagree. Christianity has always been associated with "whiteness". The Romans were white, the Greeks were white. America Europe, etc. Destroying Christianity ensures white destruction. No, the white race will linger on for a while without it. But we won't be strong, or united. Christianity gave us strong families. It provided a stable framework for societies to be built upon. No stable society, and definitely no civilization, was built by pre-Christian western Europeans, with the exception of Rome, which existed for almost another thousand years after accepting Christianity as their official religion. Previously trivial differences will, without Christianity, become wedges for the Jews to further leverage. Ethnic differences between the Irish and Germans will, for example, become a thing again. It's pretty obvious the destruction of Christianity is at least one of their goals, if not the major goal. I see this promotion of cancerous shit like neo-paganism, Asatru, etc. All of which the Jews are more than happy for us to embrace. You must always ask yourself, "if it is good for the Jews, then why is it bad for us?" The Jew sees itself as our eternal enemy, thusly every effort on their part is inversely proportional to how badly it affects us.

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No they would be perfectly happy if there were still Christians in European countries if they were all non Europeans.

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Getting rid of Europeans through conventional means is impossible, getting rid of Their African replacements will be a walk in the park.

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White genocide. That's what all the moves on the left are about, at their root.

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yes... how is this even a question.

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Not quite. A new Holodomor would be Jews spraying Bayer / Monsanto pesticides that kill all the bees so that all our crops fail.

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No. Europe's native population is being replaced by globalists, most of them Ashkenazi Jews. Greedy Jews have no problem eating other Jews. When Europe is controlled by Muslims in 30 to 50 years, Muslims will not only be in control of the European nukes but help all other Muslims countries to make their own. The greed and success of the Ashkenazi will backfire on Israel. Even with the help of the US the destruction of Israel is guaranteed since the Muslims are suicidal and don't give a shit about starting a war that will destroy Israel for good.

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damn son, that sounds good. which direction is mecca, I might need to start praying five times a day.

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