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This is extremely true in all honesty. Look at brands like "Fabuloso", "Goya", and "Jumex". Every Hispanic family, regardless of the geographical location, has heard of/owned these brands at some point

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Before you can have brand loyalty, you have to have a brand to start with.

Other than "I'm with Her" and "It's Her Turn" and "Orange Man Bad"... what exactly is the Democrat brand now? And how does it inspire loyalty? From whom? Why? How?

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Through Gibs, duh

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Hispanics are a majority Catholic and hate faggots. They need to be reminded that the Democrats are pro-sodomy.

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This isn't a strategy. This is some newly-minted marketing major throwing some freshman-level basic knowledge at the wall, and hoping that some clueless boomer twelve levels above him/her says, "Wow, basic-marketing-fucker#5643234 knows shit and stuff! Hire him/her STAT!!"

I mean, seriously... calling this a strategy is like calling some policy paper that says "If you put bricks on top of each other so they overlap, they form a wall" a blueprint for a skyscraper.

No. It's not. It's just some buzzwords wrapped around the concept of brand loyalty. But you have to have a fucking brand before you can have brand loyalty.

So what is the Democrat brand? Free gibs for all? No borders, no wall, no USA at all?

Yeah, I'm sure that will attract loyalists <rolls eyes>.

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RaCe Is JuSt A cOnStRuCt

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Doesn’t seem like much of a strategy to me?

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That really surprising?

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The longterm strategy is, and always has been, "gibs".

Keep the taco niggers feeding at the public trough, works every time as proven by niggers.

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I wonder if Hispanics appreciate being treated as a commodity?

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