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The Jew is laughing while they encourage every white to get a useless college education, meanwhile the darks are taking over the trades making the real cash.

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The jew by its very nature makes peaceful coexistence impossible.

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I don't think whites will ever be extinct. The (((system))) that is actively destroying whites still need them as a host organism to survive. You can't pump out propaganda to the masses if the electrical grid has rolling blackouts or internet outages. The actual endpoint will be when enough systems fall that people get hungry. Actual food outages from fucked up logistics. Everything changes then.

Voaters better get their gardens going and some solar panels up. The race to the bottom is well underway.

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Whether achieved, jews aim is White genocide.

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They want to create a slave class, an enforcer class, and then a ruling class. The enforcer class controls the slaves, and the ruling class rules as gods.

The well-armed middle class America is in the way.

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Incorrect. Their belief is they will be able to be a higher level ruler class and be parasitic over the dumber masses they are flooding the world with.

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Are they saying that genocide is a fair tactic to use? Am I understanding that correctly?

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This is why I repeatedly call out people reposting jew propaganda indoctrination terms on voat, you're doing jews indoctrination for them by not correcting their propaganda terms.