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Where is the mention of Macron panicking? What evidence is there of this?

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Although I would normally agree with you, that we need actual physical evidence (i.e. a video of Macron shutting himself while in chambers with the rest of the government, while talking about the yellow vests), but, he DID have (maybe still has now?) A helicopter on standby at the royal palace, as soon as the yellow vest movement gained momentum and began to target political buildings.

So... theres at least precedent, no?

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By that logic Trump must be a very scared president, Marine One on stand by, that monster limo, even personal train, all just to escape the White House.

Heads of state always have escape plans. There is nothing special about it, VIP security 101.

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dont forget he cant even go out in public and walk down the street at this point. people yell at him and throw things.

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The French people have a long proud history of appropriately dealing with corrupt politicians.

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??? The article said Macron was panicking over the threat of bank runs. There is no threat of a bank run. Its the current year. That shit can't happen, anymore. So, there is no reason for Macron to be panicked. The headline is SJW clickbait.

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RT said it so it must be true.

Edit: how dare you downvoters suggest that RT has a credibility problem

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Wouldn't you panic if you were Macron? I would.

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The french withdrawing 20% of their assets would crash the state?! Well hell how much do Americans have to pull out to do the same thing?!

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Not much, too bad most Americans don't have 1000 dollars.

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True, Americans would have to pay off their damn credit cards and (student) loans before they can even consider crashing a bank. Banks just sucking up interest to stay alive.

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The trick with Americans is not so much pulling money out of the banks, as people don't have any, but not spending. The American economy is dependent on spending, so just a small cut in spending would destroy multiple industries. It's why they are worried about mgtows, because single men will find happiness despite having a few possessions.

We are in a weird situation, where (((they))) are waking up to the fact that they needed the white middle class to survive, but the vary hosts that (((they))) were sucking the life out of are almost gone, and now it will be (((them))) that supplies the welfare state. Hence the sudden interest in trying to fix the economy at the last minute.

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Shill hard for mgotw aka death? Why?

Wouldnt men banding together and ending this be much more glorious?

Miss me with that laydown crap.

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Probably a lot more... Fed create money out of thin air... I heard they just pumped in $4.5 Trillions to bump up the stock market > CNN - The $4.5 trillion force that's helping to fuel market swings

Meaning we're poorer by another $4.5T again.

Any money expert here?

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It would not be bank runs in America, as people don't have money in the banks. Now what makes this really fucking interesting, is that whole FDIC insurance. That is not from the government, that is from the federal reserve. It would be the Rothchilds that would be hit the hardest from a bank run.

I suspect that France has a similar system with their central bank, so this is a legitimate threat.

We may wake up one day, and Marcon will be shoahed by a mossad wearing a yellow vest.

But to fuck up our system, a simple boycott would do it. Like a month of limited to no retail spending would wipe out a few industries.

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If everyone with money in an American bank pulled out 11% all on the same day it would temporary fuck lots of things up since the rules set up for fractional reserve banking in the US require that the bank hold 10% in reserve. I say temporary because the (((Fed))) would fire up the printing presses to "fix" the problem, but that would cause inflation.

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The Perfect Protest! Max Kaiser of the Kaiser report said just a 20% withdrawal would collapse the French Banks! Wow — vote with your dollars!!!! Lead the way France. WWG1WGA

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Yellow Vests Planning A Bank Run To Collapse The Euro In France

The yellow vest protesters are planning a “bank run” and are urging all French citizens to withdraw their euros from the banks.

Protesters say by threatening the financial system they hope to peacefully force the government to pass their reforms.

As one activist Tahz San pointed out on Facebook“If the banks weaken, the state weakens immediately,…it’s elected officials’ worst nightmare.”

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Again? Didn’t they do this two days ago when it was posted? Re posts don’t do well in here.

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No, they are announcing the threat. I am sure a lot already started, but the idea is to cause speculation and panic in the markets.

non violent economic psychological terrorism is perfectly legal.

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They're getting the word out so they can do it all at once as a large group. Let them get the word out.

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"I better get my money out before they crash the system."

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First try didn't work, maybe if RT spams more the programming might stick to some people.

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The parasites are Global, while France stabs its self Families and groups like JPMorgan or Rothschild will laugh. The only way to get rid of the parasites is to execute them. The super rich will never give up power. They will rather die than be poor serfs, we need to oblige them. There should be no place for them to run.

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People's Power - Revolution - Guillotine The Banksters

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Those parasites are the global terrorist. We need to hang them the first change we get. NO Mercy!

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Lol at the guy in the article saying the police should shoot to kill protesters. He reveals himself as a primary enemy and reveals how little he understands the situation he is dealing with.

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If police and National Guard would have taken my advice to shoot all leftist protesters and rioters back in the 60s and 70s, we wouldn't be facing this crisis now. They backed down, and now the leftists who filled the power vacuum are running our institutions, culture, and country into the ground. France appears to be a very unique case, where the "protesters" are not literally fighting to impose communism on a population.

But in virtually every other case of "protesters", they're leftists fighting to destroy a country, and should be shot or burned to the last person.

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Former French Education Minister,Luc Ferry Orders Police to “Shoot and Kill” Anti-Globalist Protestors = Potential Guillotine Candidate

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hay frenchie do you smell ww2 banging at your socialist door. fuck you, do not ask for our help we been there 2 fucking times and you pigs will not learn=== tough shit and die.

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