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The genocide of american whites.

Really it happens everytime the jews have gained any power anywhere.

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Uh, dude, they are banning guns... We don't have access to full auto... No explosives, no cannons, no grenades, no anti vehicle, no anti aircraft... Those are implements of the militia that were supposed to also be protected.

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You do have a point there, but the american genocide of whites predates pretty much all of those bans.

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And that by simply owning the MSM, be it TV, news, internet and magazine.

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When the Jewish tribes wiped out the Canaanites.

What do I win?

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A coke!

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A masturbation machine.

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Hey no need to get all pedantic I just wanted to point out early examples of Israeli atrocities against neighboring peoples.

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They didn't wipe them out. They tried but didn't succeed. They disguised themselves (the Caninities) then infiltrated the Hebrew tribes and eventually took over the Pharisees and scribes and thus control of the relgion. And to make a long story short==inter mingle with the Hebrews so you can't tell who is who today. That is why the angels will have to separate them in the end. One group into the barn and the other into the fire.

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ISIL genocide of Yazidis

The Darfur genocide

The Guatemalan genocide

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I was going to say "Probably some done by an outside or invading power."

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Russian Genocide of Circassians: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circassian_genocide

They reduced a population of 1.5 Million to about 70,000.

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lol, OP is getting owned pretty hard in this thread

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Nope. That involved guns and swords first. All the combatants were routed, then the populations were chased southwestward. Most of them at the time were Sunni Moslems (previously a Christian culture that had been islamized). The Circassians were viewed as a security threat and were closer allies in ideology to neighboring Turkey at the time.

Nice plug about the pogrom against Muzzies, though. I wouldn't have looked into it if you hadn't mentioned it. ;)

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  1. I'll admit to not knowing the backstory.
  2. I'm not plugging anything.
  3. Wouldn't it still qualify as a genocide, even if the neighbors of the Circassians has legitimate grievances? 1.5M -> 70k is pretty dramatic

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The genocide of Romans and Greeks in Egypt and the Levant by Jews during the Quietos War.

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Any genocide that occurred before the invention of guns. Maybe specify the banning of weapons.

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rotting links

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