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My fellow jews will just do some emergency procedure and get the gov to bail them out. The goys are going to give up the shekels one way or the other.

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The more of their scams we shut down, the more glaringly obvious their remaining scams become.

If we drive them to the extreme of passing laws to give Jews free money, it will make rallying our people so much easier.

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If you think you can hurt them you are delusional.

They own you, and their absolute power has a solid lockdown, they arent going anywhere, but you are.

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I think the larger purpose is to raise awareness of the scam

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The mechanism is in place already. The FED (and other central banks) are lenders of last resort for commercial banks. In the event that their reserved run low, they simply borrow some freshly created money.

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OP does not understand the mechanics or reality of fractional reserve banking.

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Which would speed up already out unbearable inflation of the currency that has robbed US Whites of nearly everything to bankroll Jewish projects genociding us.

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Jews will just find a way to outsmart us because they just have higher IQs why even bother resisting


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How is your money real in their bank if they can loan it out like that?

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this is the fraud that is fractional reserve lending, the evil spell taught to (((those who chose))) by Moloch a very very long time ago.

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What will really happen is instead of allowing you to withdraw your money, they will keep it, and close the bank. Then they are still out of business, but you didn't get your money out (10% of depositers would lose their deposits at least) either.

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and due to that it is inevitable that all fiat currency must collapse/loose all value after every 70 years. 70 years after the (((American Civil War))) was the (((Great Depression))) and 70 years later was the (((Great Financial Crash)))

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Why do you think they push so hard for a cashless society?

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Good point. They've reduced money to a piece of paper -- now they want to take even the piece of paper away, and have total control over buying and selling, just like it says in Revelation.

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Once you put your money in the bank, it's no longer your money. The bank owns it. You are just an unsecured creditor (i.e. bottom of the food chain should the bank go bust ). The government run deposit guarantees are there to prevent people from lynching the bankers (paid for by tax payers and bank customers).

In any case, your money isn't real anyway. It's an IOU conjured out of thin air. That is basically the root of the fraud. The money is created ex nihilo then loaned out at interest.

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The idea comes from Keyneism. The theory goes that when people save money, it's being wasted and hampering economic growth, so the duty of banks is to make sure the money keeps circulating and thus they're required to loan out your money with or without your permission. You get a commission (interest) from the whole setup, but they've also ensured it's way less than inflation, so you still come out poorer.

Under normal circumstances this wouldn't be a problem, since people rarely empty their accounts, but if everyone gets nervous and tried to withdraw their money at once, it becomes a problem since it's no longer there.

There's also the issue that the underlying theory is just plain wrong, saving doesn't hamper economies and investor caution isn't a problem, it's a solution to the problem of investor overconfidence.

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Dude... ALL banks/credit unions/etc are the same system. SWIFT system and FED system under the World Bank and BIS controlled by DAVOS faggots. Its all a gigantic scam. Welcome to the war. Really want to hurt them? Out them. Eventually everyone will go the way France is going. Pull your money and buy silver/land/etc with it and NEVER go back to the paper shit.

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Its true that if a Jewish bank goes into debt, but you transfer your money from one Jewish bank to another, they will simply loan to each other to cover each other's recent bad fortune using SWIFT, but that's not the case if you transfer your money out of a Jewish bank and into a White owned credit union.

All I see here is " NO GOY, IT WON'T WORK!"

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There is no such thing as a 'white owned credit union'. Even if there were it would not matter in the least. Really. They are ALL THE SAME SYSTEM. You have to get out of the FED system entirely. This means if you want to use a national currency you need to use the North Korean ?wan? or the Iranian ?Dinar? or gold/silver/crypto. Thats it. There is no other road. EVERYTHING that is related in any way to the existing monetary system is poison. You are asking the right questions. You are walking on the right road. DO NOT give that up.

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No wrong my friend. They loan 9X what they have in cash. Your $100 turns into $900 they loan out as fake money.

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Or better yet- don't use jewish owned services at all

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The interest they accrue on the net from having your money in their system for a month or two is tiny compared to the systemic volatility you will introduce to the banking cartel doing this.

They will be forced to make adjustments by holding more money in reserve, which cuts their profits, or get another bailout again before the public has forgotten about 2008, risking the loss of their entire empire.

The big picture is that for the cost of nothing, at least from the perspective of the average bank account holder, you can deliver an attack that another entity might pay billions to pull off. But we can do it collectively for free because we have the numbers.

In a fight like this, every blow we can land is valuable. Individual assaults on their empire might be nothing but paper cuts. But even a thousand paper cuts can kill a person through infection and blood loss. It's the same with this. We take every shot we can get and it adds up. That's how they've controlled us, that's how we'll get rid of them.

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Jewish math only makes you poorer, best to ignore it.

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Lets get everyone we can from all over the internet of over the next year and all do this with as much money as we can

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The Yellow Vests in France are already doing this right now.

Yellow Vest USA when?

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hopefully patrick little will win in 2020 so we don't need to, but if not i'll say right after the 2020 election.

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I can guarantee that no bank ever suffers from this. They simply wouldn't let it happen.

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