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Fire that neocon piece of shit already!

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he really should die

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...and be brought back to life so he can die again.

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Well neocons do believe in regime change.

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According to those who have spent time around Bolton, he is a psychopath. He deliberately pushed out a dialogue consisting of reason and logic, in favor of partisan extreme ethno-nationalist policies which mirrored the most fanatic ideas of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Project for the New American Century. The Generals of the United States military, navy and airforce stand in opposition to his philosophies, but Bolton, the psychopath, rises above these objections.

He operates well with the extreme hawks in Israel, he is further on the extreme of (that rabid dog) Netanyahu, who was seen bringing cartoon pictures of bombs to the United Nations. Both these men are the articulation of cowards who draft dodged, in particular Bolton and Trump, but Bolton remains in power, to clamor for near genocidal war in the front lines of policy formation.

ISIS was not around before Bolton turned Iraq into the blood bath it was, at the cost of over a trillion dollars of tax payer money. Bolton is the surgeon Frankenstein, the bolts in Iraq's neck, its former Ba'athist commanders, with American arms, American and European munitions, and American made vehicles providing inventory for the most violent resurgence of jihaadists ever to be born from the face of this planet (ISIS).

Bolton takes money for the Wahaabists in Saudi Arabia and gives American intelligence to some of the most extremist regimes on this planet. He is the maestro of the destruction of the American dream, American hegemony and a purveyor of the most blood thirsty ideology ever to sit in position as National Security Advisor.

Trump is a fool for nominating him.

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I, too, favor ethnonationalist policies. Just a different ethno and a different nation...

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Wish i could upvote you 1000 times. We need a system where i can pay a dollar for more upvoat power. But the the cia. Fbi. Nsa. Jdif would floodnthe fucking wite ruining everything. Keep up the good work goats.

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Trump is a fool for nominating him.

Trump doesn't have the power to nominate him. Pls don't overestimate Trump... If he did, he would be able to deliver at least some of the things he promised eg. bring our troops home (which is totally under his prerogative ... legally speaking).


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What the hell are you talking about? The National Security Advisor is appointed directly by the President and doesn't require confirmation by Congress.

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What 5 star generals do we have, you ill informed faggot? We haven’t had those since WW2.

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I must admit I was rambling. The essays of the generals that I have read, at least, though I suppose I should look more into the command structure of the military

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Out of all of that text, you bitch about that?

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Israeli's agent, John Bolton was put in his position to tell their puppet-on-a-string trump exactly what to do.

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Multiple links proving John "Guardian of Zion" Bolton is pushing the U.S. to support "7 Wars For Israel".

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lol you thought voting matters

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If it made a difference they wouldn't let us do it.

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If you're asking for permission you're already a slave.

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We need an all out revolt to throw away the Constitution and gov. We need to start afresh.

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still at it, mossad?

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Ahh, John Bolton. He's like the American Rasputin, minus the mysticism

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More proof qtards are dumber then liberals.

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Are qtards pushing for cutting little boys dick and pumping them female hormones for the sake of diversity?

Nah man, liberals are at the top of the dumb chart. And you are a retarded idiotic cunt for comparing anything to a liberal in the dumb scale.

Bet you are a liberal fag.

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Who the fuck is talking trump into hiring these fucking retreads from bush crime family is unfucking believble then he gives us a supreme court guy strait from the bush crime family jesus christ is trump part of the bush crime family at this point?

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I am afraid what you fret most is the ugly reality

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Creepy pornstash warmonger needs to go.

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