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It's a homosexual problem in the Catholic Church. Not a pedo problem. Homosexuality being a problem doesn't fit the media's agenda.

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It's a homo problem in the Catholic Church.

Pedos and homos seem to run in the same pack. Anyway, it's both. And it's both in Judaism. And it's both in the Baptist, Methodist, and Lutheran Churches. And it's both in the big TV churches. And it's both in the other religions. And it's both in government and major corporations. And it's both in every top down facsist group of cant mind their own business fucksters who want to destroy and control.

Oh, wait... you're laughing at dinosaur media.

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And it's in society and throughout history of the human race...

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Sure thing Hannah Shekelstein.

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Homosexuality is the above-average-percentage-ROOT cause to this pedo problem. You need to clarify that to avoid the down voats. Also look into my comment below.

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It's not a pedo problem. It's a homosexual problem. The vast majority of victims are young men. Media misrepresents this because again they support homosexuality.

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Exactly. All sexual abuse victims within the catholic church are male.

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Mostly young men.

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It's a standard practice that Rabbi's from the orthodox community fuck young boys in the bathing rooms, and they all know and ignore it. There is some documentary about it in Jew York if i recall correctly.

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Hang them all

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All pedos need to be called out, painfully and publically castrated, and eventually executed. Called out, immediate public castration without modern medicine, wait some bit of time (to be determined) before public execution.

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oy vey baby dick mutilating and blood sucking is the best kept secret in all of the world. shalom

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Dont forget biting off babies foreskins.

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That is not funny it is scary. The hooknose vermin control everything and the media is their “cloak of invisibility”.

We don’t need an uprising against liberals/progs. We be need a full on global war to exterminate the Jew scum that has poisoned every aspect of society since the dawn of man.

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Actually, we need an extermination of every government employee in a top spot... and every government employee who was ever promoted by a government employee in a top spot. It's not who you think it is, sosat. I think these satanic magick mice go back before Judaism ever existed. It deffo goes back before the Moloch kissers became faux Ashkenazi.

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Extermination of jews globally will correct the problem. We are one nation the hooknose vermin have control over many nations.

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Sex abuse in the catholic clergy occurs at about the same rate as the general population and every other profession like police, teachers, politicians, lawyers, judges, etc. There is no group immune to human sickness. Rabbis do seem to commit sex offenses at a greater than usual rate.

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