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Top Republican Indicates Trump Rethinking Plans to Withdraw from Syria

Lindsay Graham says Trump is thinking about it.

You have a second hand source saying he's thinking it and you make an editorialise post saying he already reversed the decision.

You're one stupid troll, man. I always see you grasping at straws and falsehoods.

I kind of feel bad for you, watching you do this day in and day out. Like GhostSkin or solddownriver.

Wait a minute.. Are you...

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Yeah, fuck OP and his fake clickbait headline.

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^ Seconded ^

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It isn't Trump saying this... It's a known Kike-Shill saying "He will ask Trump to reconsider".

OP is a Zionist Cock Fluffer.

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Lol, you guys fell for this with the border wall too!!!! We're in day what of the shutdown? Hmm? What's that? I can't hear you!!! Oh, did you say 10 days? Because it's been 10 days.

You have TDS.