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Year 711 . Location : Spain.

Jews paid the Muslims to kill the Christians and getting the Christian land while the Jews got the mineral rights .

Jews and Muslims are tools of one another and must be a annihilated for the sake of free men everywhere.

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Where does this information come from?

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I did hear the Jews thought they would be better off with the Moslem Moors and welcomed them in, from mainstream sources.

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same with christians, all (((abrahamic))) religions

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I support both (being nuked)

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I've been saying this for years. I don't trust any of them. Fuck'em with a nuke.

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Tell that to the Qoomers.

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T. Boomer

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Sheeit. The entire Middle East should be vaporized for a safer future. Then we only have to deal with China and Russia, more as cooperating competitors than mortal enemies.

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Better off talking to a pile of rocks.

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I say we quit defending the hook nose vermin and let the dune coons wipe them out. Once the Jew scum is gone we can vaporize the rest of the Neanderthal goat fuckers.

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Add the Catholic church.

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but the catholic church is european! now pick up a sword and march to israel to take it back for the ... european... its in the bible, dont research... oh wait nope never mind we got it ba... errr i mean its in the safe hands of the jews nothing to worry about here... also your a shit eater for listening to this fake news!

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Yep all sun worship.

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Ugly motherfuckers! They are a PLAGUE OF THE PLANET! They are FILTH! They are DESTROYERS of ALL LIFE! They will be WIPED OUT OF EXISTENCE!

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Semites are sub-humans (both physically and psychologically)

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