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Schumer DID approve border security funds for (((his country))).

These dual citizen govt officials are really foreign agents hijacking America.

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Even if you banned dual citizenship, this wouldn't be a problem for someone like Schumer. Citizenship is a matter of paperwork and procedure in countries that aren't ethnonationalist, which means Schumer could renounce his Israeli citizenship, because him being an 'American' politician is currently more valuable to the Israelis. When he retires, Israel would overnight fly him the paperwork to sign to become a citizen again. When you have those kinds of connections (esp. conjoined with jewish nepotism), it doesn't matter what the goys think or what precedent is.

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Yes, they'll be less obvious. And as another goat posted: joos in uk to "look british, think yiddish".

Then also you have those 2 cunts who ran on gop ticket, only to switch parties after getting elected.

It's not a silver bullet fix-all, but it would be a small step, huge msg.

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If the glow in the dark niggers weren't niggers we could use them to keep tabs on people like him.

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THIS. Thankyou.

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You got it. I wish people would stop saying Dual Citizen. That's a term designed to hide the truth by sounding worldly.

He should be called what he is An ISRAELI CITIZEN and a treasonous cunt.

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schumer is a dirty-gypsey-jew... gypsey-jews create fake “commodities”, fake “laws”(dirty-finger-schumer), fake “media” and fake gods(jesus).... govern yourselves accordingly...

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Dual citizens shouldn't be able to hold office or vote.

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I couldnt think of a better way to demonstrate the idea of conflict of interest.

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I am an American Jew and I also support this message.

Truth be told, I do not think anyone should be able to be a dual citizen with the USA at all. You are either a citizen of the US or you aren't.

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They should face deportation if they don't renounce their dual citizenship.

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I'd be satisfied just deporting their heads.

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then they'll renounce, do their evil, and then ask for it again.... you should never be able to get citizenship from another country anymore. Only one, and then everything else you cna ever get is a permanant visa, that can be cancelled at any time in case of bad behavior. Justl ike in China.

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and shot as american citizens when they do ...for treason

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Dual citizenship shouldn't be a thing.

You can't be a dual citizen of Russia.

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I want to agree with this, it's a good idea in concept. However, I think it works the way it is now -- it lets us know exactly where a person's loyalties lie. Could you imagine if dual citizenship wasn't allowed? There'd be wayyyyy more sneaky underhanded shit going on. We'd have a harder time narrowing down who to watch and stuff.

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Well, Israeli dual citizenship is a problem, but what do we call Moslems who have a similar dual allegiance? What we really need is some kind of social network site where we can all work together to keep a tight leash on politicians.

E: Getting rid of dual citizenship isn't going to solve the problem. I just gave it some thought. Jews can always become Israeli citizens later when they retire from Congress. And gentile politicians can buy citizenship to any country with their congressional moonlighting moolah.

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I don't think you have to get rid of DC (and even if I did, your reasons exhibit the futility), but the network of politician leases is right up my alley. Anything that can become apparent to the populous so that they don't have to actively find it is useful. I guess I'm describing a parallel media system

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Looks like someone just lost his Twitter account.

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3 down voats for this comment..wow.

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It’s not $5B for “his own country”. Chuck Schumer is an American-Israeli dual citizen and a jew.

His loyalty is to jews and to Israel, not to America.

He’s a traitor.

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I think the OP had it right with enemy combatant. I would also settle for enemy agent.

If only the normies could see this bullshit and not be muh gibs.

Repealing the right to vote for anyone other than land owning white males, with the death penalty for being a jew claiming to be white, would go a long way towards fixing things. Probably going to take an actual war to get to that point though, and things getting a lot worse before an actual war is possible.

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How in the Fuck is this guy when allowed to serve the American public? Are you fucking kidding me?

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He isn't really a dual-citizen. This is just a meme because Jews can apply for Israeli citizenship and usually get it.

The funding for Israel is still very troubling.

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Better put him on suicide watch before he shoots himself in the back of the head with a shotgun.

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To all you lurking leftists: if you're okay with dual citizens holding office in the U.S. are you okay with conservative American politicians gaining dual citizenship and holding office in foreign countries? How about they take over Mexico and some other non-white countries? You okay with that too??

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thats a fucking good point which i will use in my red pill sessions with friends /co-workers and strangers

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I want to know if all the politicians are actually dual citizens. People throw the accusation around a lot, but I've never seen evidence. Do they actually hold dual citizenships? Is it referring to the "right of return" where any Jewish person can move to Israel? Or is it just the idea that all Jews put their own interests first, like how the English felt that Catholics put the Pope before the King?

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It's a bit of both, but I think they're talking about Right of Return in this convo. Getting rid of dual citizenship won't work to solve this problem. Banning Jews from office won't even work. Jews or moslems or Brits or Chinoise or even Russia Russia Russians can still buy all the politicians their little hearts desire. Politicians aren't even the real problem. Its whomever the politicians work for. Politicians are just smiley faces. They take orders.

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