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If they are white caucasians then they are valuable in my opinion, even if I disagree with them politically. I want them.

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That’s the fucking problem retard, they’re just trying to dump their illegal shitskins on us so they don’t get as much backlash when they bring in more

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in addition to an amnesty for illegal Irish.

Ah, yeah. I missed that part

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Yeah, could be some kind of non-white backdoor. The Brexit situation is such that Ireland may still be subject to the EU's aggressive immigrant intake rules and expedited citizenship programs.

"Irish" will just as easily mean "Muslim or African who's lived there for 6 months on welfare".

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That'd be a nightmare. I missed the part about amnesty for "illegal Irish" until after a second read.

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It looks like the bad end screen of a vidya gayme...

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Everybody was white when I was there 22 years ago.

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We don't need any easily herded socialists or communist haters, even if they're white.


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My point is that the Irish DON'T DESERVE any special concessions especially when they are so anti-Trump. It seems counterintuitive that they would WANT to come to Trump's America, but that's libtard logic for ya!

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You wouldn't think that there would be a whole lot of ethnic Irish left to immigrate over here. I don't trust it. Like others have said, just a way to sneak in some fuck wads. Fucking Ishmael, the color of Jameson whiskey, who hates America, yet is let in all because he wears a fucking shamrock on his chest and speaks with a "brogue"... Fuck this weak ass shit

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The level of hatred and vitriol against President Trump is unprecedented in Ireland.

NO THAT IS A LIE you look at dublin or california you see the same shit does not represent the Irish people

does cnn/california represent the american people ?

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does cnn/california represent the american people ?

Well, not white Americans, but otherwise, yes.

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I guess you haven't been over there recently. I have been back twice in 2016, and once in both 2017 and 2018. Practically everyone who engaged me on Trump had an anti-Trump bias. It's always the same in Ireland. They think the sun, moon, and stars shine out of the Clintons' derrières along with the Obamas. There is always negative animus against Republicans. However, he hatred against our president is unprecedented.

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??? IIRC we already have an agreement for visas with the Irish, people come here over the summer and work in hospitality. They do things like tend bar in NYC and Boston. "Irish" pubs like having a person with an authentic Irish accent on the team, it improves business. Not sure how this would be different, would have to read the bill. The peak time for illegal Irish migration was before the Good Friday Peace Accord in 1994. When my Dad was working construction in the 80s immigration would periodically come to work sites and bust a couple Irish guys. I feel some empathy for those people who came here to escape literal war conditions with British paramilitary on the streets. They're also English-speaking, skew conservative Catholic, and assimilate hard to fit in/not raise suspicion. They also raise their anchor babies to be contributing members of society.

I kind of think he should do it just to trigger Mexicans, frankly. Specify that they assimilated so well, and make such good Americans, why the fuck not. Make the point that they're much better people than the child-touchers, face-tattooed MS-13 rapists and drug dealers coming from the south. Rub their 'diverse' brown faces in what fucking subhuman shitstains they are.

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ireland is full of muzzies now. Think we'll get the white ones?

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It's not full. Has a lot less than France or Britain. But yeah, it'd probably be used to export the ones they do have over to America.

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There are J1 visas for Irish college students who come over for the holidays. However, the Ryan Bill would allow the Irish 50,000 visas every ten years. Additionally, it would grant amnesty to the illegal Irish here. Migration from Ireland still continues. Remember the Irish in the Republic weren't experiencing any " war conditions!" The country is a mess. I read the two main Irish newspapers daily and keep an active folder online called "Fuck Ups in Ireland" as I want to have plenty to back up my arguments when I go back and hear about how America is so fucked up.

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50,000 visas every ten years

That's still only 5,000/year. They're English speaking and they use levels in their finishing work, which makes them more desirable than spics at any rate. From where I am sitting in SoCal, here's hoping they flood us with Irish and kick out the spics.

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Was recently in Ireland, in the countryside moreso than the cities and I have to say there was genuine interest from multiple locals in different towns regarding Trump. They were not openly anti Trump. I assume the northern part of the country and large cities would be similar to the liberal cities in the US though

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The cities are liberal bastions. The MSM over there is the same as here-24/7 anti-Trump.

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Those who control the bureaucracy are firmly anti-Trump Globalists. Decent/Woke Irish won't get anywhere near programs like these.

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Paul Ryan will immediately go into his lobbyist function, working against Trump in every way. What a traitor? I wanted Jim Jordan to be the new speaker...I don't think Kevin McCarthy is going to be bold enough but I pray he will.

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Cant wait for that POS to leave. I'm so tired of all these BS bills being shoved through without our knowledge.

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PLEASE consider contacting your SENATORS to ask them to STOP this bill becoming law. It only takes ONE GOP senator to communicate his/her unwillingness to go along with this, and Mitch McConnell can have it blocked.

Cocaine Mitch is not going to block anything. But somebody needs to get a message to Trump that he has the power to veto bills that come across his desk. Either do not sign them and let them languish until they expire by the action of time, as a tactical move state publicly or to the congress, you can do what you like, I am not signing that bill. Either one works. In fact Trump can hold off signing anything at all except very urgent matters until he gets his wall funding. That is why they keep pushing this crap through, and Gen Kelly has been the worse bitch in helping them get those signatures. His job is to brief the President on what these Bills contain. Seems like he has been misguiding Trump on a whole lot of things. Glad to see his ass go.

I actually have not heard of any Bill our President has not signed. That is unprecedented for any President.

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