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"Homophobia" is not real. A "phobia" is an irrational fear, a mental illness.

I don't think many men are irrationally afraid of faggots.

I'm certainly not, I just don't like them.

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yeah it's like calling someone a motherfucker means you are into incest. The logic is retarded. Can't believe that psychological conditioning took hold so strong. The level of brainwashing for that agenda is insane... have you ever seen this?

From Gay Community News, 1987:


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Right there in black and white, eh?

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I'm not afraid of individual faggots. I'm afraid of what they represent as a whole- disease and moral decay. I fear for their victims, the children that they will turn into new fags. I fear for the effect they have on society as a subclass of people.

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So there you go. You're entitled to that. SOOOOOO done with the America where you're coerced and pressured to accept everything and everyone with open arms.

That mentality is just WRONG.

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I just generally tell people, "I don't care if that's homophobic, it's not a valid argument." I do the same thing for racism. At that point I find there's no reasoning with a person when they're throwing those things out there. They either reee harder or shut down.

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also for logical fallacies.

simply calling the road you took to a conclusion a falacy does not invalidate the conclusion

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Same for anti-semitism.

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It doesn't matter what's homophobic – it's a marxist shaming tactic.

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Based on the example you gave, nigger and faggot are 100% more interchangable than a person's gender.

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Where does that leave us on "nigger-faggot"?

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double bonus points day at Kmart

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Buttfucking shit eating faggots should all die of aids.../not homophobic.

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Its because they already have their worldview set and have not learned enough from experience, outside of their own, so they make judgments of things based on understandings that are rather narrow-minded and not up to par with the realities of the present day and they cannot see that their logic is a little bent out of shape to say the least because they essentially make arguments not concerning reality, but around what they believe and the subjectivity positioned around those arguments. Its not a search for truth, but a search for the realm of the fictional and that which is somewhat made up and self-contrived.

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It's a killing word for weirding weapons. MAUD DIB!

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It is not racist to call someone a kike

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