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He definitely misspelled kike

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I take homosexuality as a birth defect and so don't blame them. Just so long as they stay out of my face with it.

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How would this birth defect survive natural selection? It’s a fetish, that’s it. It should be criminalized.

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How does any birth defect survive natural selection? Medical treatment/societal acceptance.

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It’s not a matter of blame. It is a matter of self-control. People are born with psychopathy, too. Most learn to deal with it and don’t become mass murderers. Just because someone is born with fagg tendencies does not mean they have to act on them or that it is not a disorder.

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So do you propose the Russian stance: tolerate it but no open support like parades, advertisements, etc.?

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its the jews that introduced transgenderism, they are bastardized incest, and suffer from genetic birth defects including gender disfunctions. the gender confused jews started the whole transgender thing to make them feel more normal and change society to conform to their gender deficient ways.

gender mutations are a birth defect, they will still campaign for their own way of thinking, this involves the operation of turning other people into transgenders, who are physically identical to gender deficient birth defects.

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Most people I know don't consider Psych/Soc as "hard" sciences. Most of their studies aren't reproducible.

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Good share, this has infested most of science unfortunately. The only field immune thus far is chemistry.

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babes... chemistry is absolutely corrupt... as an example fluoride, a halide, is absolutely a glandular and neuro and blood toxin as it displaces necessary iodine that 100% of americans are deficient of... meanwhile “chemists” are silent... crickets babes...

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SSKI is one of my favorite supplements

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May your blade chip and shatter.

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Homosexual Manifesto - 1987: https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/pwh/swift1.asp

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They reproduce through molestation/child rape.

That's going to be the uncomfortable and politically inconvenient conclusion of real and truthful research. With some absolutely diminishing number of exceptions who somehow fell into the behavior by a different means.

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It's not all fake, but scientists are generally not good at politics. Thus special interest groups like the LGBT weirdos have been able to successfully lobby and infiltrate academic communities to push their social policies and marxist propaganda.

Good scientists just want to follow the scientific method and see where it goes, but the scientific community is easily influenced and corrupted by outside politics.

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And outside money and societal power/praise for getting the preferred results.

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All the Boomers here won’t like this post. Nothing is a sin to them except pointing out their own sin and sodomite marriage brings a tear to their eye.

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Not all of the boomers. A few will approve of it.

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I can guarantee you more boomers have an issue with faggotry and see it as a disorder than millennials do. Indeed, it is a steady decline from the views of the remaining greatest gen to the silent gen to the boomers to gen x to millennials. Not sure of gen z but I’d be surprised if they don’t continue the trend.

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You’re probably right, but fag marriage and fag adoption came to be while boomers controlled the levers of power. So did widespread divorce, abortion, and pornography. Their parents didn’t get divorced and fought against all that filth under their watch. And the majority approve of faggotry now because they are so enamoured with their children that they took their gay beliefs.

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