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Hungary's birthrate is now above replacement levels because they adopted policies that make good conditions for families. That's the solution to populations that are at below replacement levels.

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Rural America's birth date is above replacement levels.

It's extremely evolutionarily backwards to believe you should have less children and be replaced with foreigners.

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Rural America is only a tiny proportion of the US population. That proportion is further shrinking with the automation of farming.

Country boys and girls move to cities at a high rate because that's where the opportunities and income are at.

Policies friendly to families with working fathers are the smart way to increase birth rates. The family friendly policies in the US right now are friendly towards families with single moms.

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Americans and Europeans were repeatedly brainwashed at all levels of education that the Earth could not handle the growing population, forced to read junk like "The Population Bomb". So low birth rates was expected, high birth rates was shamed as irresponsible! That was THE PLAN, now they say they need to back fill the vacancies with black muslims. Its all crap! This is the Israeli/Soros/Rothschild plan to DESTROY WHITE CHRISTIAN WESTERN CIVILIZATION! Don't fall for it!

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If low skill job s are about to be replaced by automation why do we need millions of illiterate alien s?

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It is a dissolution of national sovereignty and borders. Without any referendums or votes by the affected nations. None of us agreed for our nation to stop existing in every way except as an administrative territory in name only. Any politicians signing this are traitors in the truest meaning of the word.

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Fill the borders with low-education worker bees who will submit easily to their overlords. I think that's the end-game.

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this sounds like good news

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( insert shock and awe )

I (((wonder))) who would want such a thing to begin with.... who would sponsor say migrants traveling from one country to another with the purpose of entering illegally and breaking the already broken welfare system..... I wonder.

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We in the US don't make enough people. So we can bring them in or just have a big empty country.

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Big empty country filled with whites then. All the moochers can fuck right back off to their third world shit holes.