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At least they're honest about it. Speculating about a real conspiracy is Conspiracy Theory. Idiomatic language turned "conspiracy theory" into a negative connotation. However, thousands of people are prosecuted for "conspiracy" in drug offenses every day around the country. Hell, even the Tobacco Industry was prosecuted for conspiracy by the States Attorneys General. A Theory of Conspiracy should be default condition until proven otherwise.

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Oh the ((( small hats ))) are far from honest about it.

Why bother lying about the need for ((( Multiculturalism ))) when both Europe, and The United States are the most diverse nations in the world? In fact, EVERY fucking shit-hole nation that this third world trash are flee from are NOT as "diverse".

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It's easy to be subtly honest, while simultaneously making the audience assume the honesty is a falsehood. It makes the audience skeptical about the truth.

As for a reason, it is necessary to maintain people's programming and reliable responses to controllable stimuli.

This is a tool cults use all the time, along with peer group shame, but taken to mass scale.

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Preach brother!!

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Joo's and their "money" (FIAT Currency) are the root of all evil. Question? Who (what group) can you not criticize? They that you can not criticize are the real enemy. Beware of them. But let the angels throw them into the fire. It is their calling not ours.

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It's no secret that in 1967 the CIA coined the term Conspiracy Theory to denounce those challenging the narrative of an official report.

Pop quiz: What official report came out at the time it was coined?

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What is the warren commission report?

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JFK assassination report