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Simple solution. Dont accept camel fucking pedo muzzies as citizens.

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This is a rare occasion where I upvoat you nigger. . . Odd times we live in for sure.

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I think we all can agree that these people need to go back.

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Or better yet, tell them to overtake banking then you'll join. Let [({them})] overthrow your masters and when it's done you ponder if you wanna stick around or FINALLY hop the pond

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People are still using this term to describe them. Wow.

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Don't say refugees. Don't say immigrants. They are invaders.

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Then to migrants , then to citizens , then to soldiers . . . even though they were always soldiers. They chant about spreading Islam but you don't see that on the news....

The Jews used the Arabs in the year 711 to take over Spain.

We are witnessing the same shit from the same shit people.

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This is something I’ve been intetested in researching. I wonder what other nations thia has happened to. So far I know of Spain, Russia, Germany but what about Rome? Egypt? Constantinople? How far back does this go?

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I know right. I call them invaders. Sometimes I piss off people by calling the scum invaders. I like pissing off cucks.

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and it's so easy

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Well, tell the USA to stop creating them.

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Lol I agree but it's not the us, it's the (((us)))

Ps shitskins, on average, arent as smart as whites.

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Yes Trigglypuffs, regardless how "controversial" you feel this comment is: some fleeing Yemen and other places are actually internationally recognized Refugees. I called you Trigglypuffs. Now you can rage down-vote this one instead.

There is a genocide in Yemen thanks to Emperor Orange's weapons deal with the Saudi's. Granted they may have done it using Russian weapons regardless, however when you've purchased them from the US, there's somewhat of an obligation to turn a blind eye towards it, as Trump signaled immediately after the genocide began and he was initially confronted about it ("$100bn is a lot of money. That's a lot of US jobs...") ...until the international community bitched about having to fix more of the mess the USA green-lit.

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Its a good job then that there is No such thing as no-go zones in the uk.

Man I hope those riots come to the uk.

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Funny how the press missed the "or you will die" part. Shlomo always telling half truths and lies

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Oh, those inbred ultra aggressive dumb fucks. Their religion has literally turned them into a race of inbreds and they think they are taking over Europe? They are nothing but cannon fodder for the Jews.

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Bingo, low IQ dolts think they are the ones taking over the world.

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Once they are no longer useful their masters will cleanse them with fire.

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Muslims:" Death to all you infidels."


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Kill the Muslim invaders, hang the traitors.

Fuck, if they start shooting, I may and go join the french men.

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Cut the Muslim invaders to pieces with chainsaws soaked in pig's blood.

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Dig a big hole in the ground and take care of the growing disease in your land UK.

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